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Betty White (2007 Scion TC RS 3.0(Girlfriend's))

Young gun

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Figured I would start a progression thread for my girlfriend's car. Her first car was a white landau 2000 Buick Lesabre with 160k.. yeah she got made fun of alot for the fact that it was a grandma mobile and a fake convert lol. Head gasket started to leak considerably and she needed/wanted a new car. Her requirements were a fair amount below 100k miles, under 11k, White perferrably, Auto(her mom's requirement), and a sunroof. She wouldn't do a GA because she hates mine ??? I tried staying GM with cobalt's which she liked but she stumbled upon TC's where she loved the fact the some of them have full black roof with the sunroof and a moonroof and well she is a women so that was the only reason she wanted one lol. We looked at 1 local and the lady was crazy so we walked out of there even though the price and mileage was superb. We found the one she got 5 hours away just north of NYC with just a hair under 60k miles, a good stereo set-up and also a good price and here she is..




Now I knew barely anything at all about scions. But she has a Release Special 3.0(3rd year of the RS). Basically comes with a different color interior, shift knob, RS certificate plate on the downward part of the dash, lip kit, headlights, and tail lights.

She then wanted to start doing some things to her car. Rims, Paint her calipers, tint, and stickers. So this is where she is now and probably won't progress any farther then this but she is happy and her car sticks out now.






She wants to get aftermarket lights with halo's in them but I keep telling her that they look like poop and I wouldn't install them for her lol.

P.S. The photos were taken by a good buddy of mine who has the Gen in the 3rd photo in.. 2.0t mild work done on it and it sounds great.

P.P.S. Being 6'3" you don't fit comfortably at all in this car. Yet for shits and giggles we stuffed my 6'6" 280lb brother in the backseat

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I know what you mean about the height thing, before I got bitch-slapped by GM's awesomeness I looked at a TC and I am by no means tall (6'0") and I felt awkward in it.

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Not a bad looking car. For the love of god, do not let her get gaylo headlights. That is the perfect way to immediately ruin a car.

I've been fighting it man. But she also wants the spoiler that other TC's have. Not sure how I feel about that one

Not bad. That particular RS is rather uncommon, so take care of it.

But halos? Sweet FORDing Odin, that trend needs to FORDing die.

Yeah so I have found out stalking the TC forums. God a bunch of retards over there. Makes me not want to get a newer car because all the car forums for it people will just be so helpless. Then again scions are marketed towards the younger folk..

Although her shifter knob broke this past weekend I gotta figure something out with that. might just glue the bich back together

I know what you mean about the height thing, before I got bitch-slapped by GM's awesomeness I looked at a TC and I am by no means tall (6'0") and I felt awkward in it.

I HATE driving this thing. Knees in the dash and touchy as hell throttle.

Other then the corners. I love it for that. Takes them like a champ compared to my GA that just wants to roll

I wish my gf would do this...something like this at least

Keep on her about this stuff. She had multiple reasons why she did this but one of them was for me. She now cares a lot more about her car.

A progression thread for your g/f's car? Who do you think you are? Chris?

Refer to the post after yours.

A progression thread for your g/f's car? Who do you think you are? Chris?


+1 for you sir.

Funny part is I was going to include a comment about chris and his G/F's car but I chose not to or because I couldn't think of anything funny with it

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in the Progression area (for Pontiacs) so anything else gets outcast to, well...here. :P i bug Ringo every once in a while to add a Progression here too. and no problem.
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