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A 1965 Chevy Impala SS is more than a car to the Younger family; it’s what binds them together.


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I love how all the new Chevy tv ads are about how chevy owners love there cars past and present and how chevy is more than a car its part of peoples lives and soles and part of Americana. But this one gives me goosbumps. The tv ad is much much shorter but on chevy.com they have the whole story. A must see!!!


A 1965 Chevy Impala SS is more than a car to the Younger family; it’s what binds them together.


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Exactly what I've been saying about American cars, they are cars not machines. Cars are a part of your family not just some machine that you drive place to place and forget about.

Not gonna lie this brought me to the border-line of tears. Means a lot and I hope if I have to do this for my kids they do the same :lol: Part of the reason I'm getting a Camaro is because my Dad had many and Uncle too (he still has his '69 though). It's in our blood and it just means a lot more than just some machine to me.

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It made me think of my dad's whole side of the family. With my great-grandpa and grandpa having worked for GM, and the passion flowing right down from them to my dad to me, it's truly a part of who we are as people and a family. Our cars speak to us. I know any of us would be completely useless without our cars; not because they're useful for getting us from A to B, but because they are extensions of our personalities, they are a member of our family, they help us be who we are. Watching this clip reminded me why my dad is my best friend and why being in the shop with him is the happiest place in the world for me. I wouldn't trade that (or our cars) for anything.

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It's official: I'm a girl. I watched this and cried.

I actually found it to be quite a tear jerker, the look on his face was amazing. I would love to do this for my Dad, but I would never be able to do it for his 68 Camaro, that car was totaled :'(

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...I would love to do this for my Dad...

:lol: but i dont know what happend to my dads '62 Impala with a custom orange paint job, rims and hydraulic setup. he got rid of it before i was even born. :lol:

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The car that I would have to do this with for my parents would be their old '80 (?) Mercury Capri. Bright orange, turbocharged, and a manual. They bought it brand new and sold it a little over a decade later after I had been born. They still miss it to this day.

Import or not, cars can be more than just tools. It's why I'm keeping the Grand Prix forever, and my mother is doing the same with her Thunderbird...they can become part of the family.

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