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Started the LED Swap

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So. I had a few lights burn out (fog light button and part of the HVAC) so I decided that I was going to swap out the burnt out RED for the BLUE!!!

Here are some progress shots.

First Stop : Dimmer and Fog Lights


Second Stop : HVAC


Next i am on to the DOOR CARDS!!! um how do i get the window switches out? Any Help?

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  • Founders

Looks real good! I really like the HVAC

Ghost would be the best person to ask on the window switches because he's done it lol

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Good job! but im still in love with the red lights. sorry but like I said good job and it dosent look bad, just I love the red.

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Ghost is the best person...

you are correct sir! :lol: it does look good. PM in a bit.

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what size LEDs are you using? how come your HVAC blues look kinda like frosted blue and not like your first one?

and got you some pics:

you pop this one out like so...



pull it out as much as possible, which isnt much (its more than shown in pics).


then the outter piece is snapped in from the sides. unhook and pull up.


then the switch section is snapped in from the front and rear. unhook and pull up.


and now you have the open area to work with. when you put it back together, separate the switch cover from the boxy piece and install the boxy piece first. that way you can see if anything gets crushed or moved. you can also test the switch cover on it without the boxy piece for movement and hitting. this works for all except drivers section.

now the drivers section. remove cover.


undo these...


then snap off in various sections.


then pull out. (no more pics). when you do this, you will need to take off the mirror buttons. those two are together. then you take off the rest, its one big piece. its all snapped on. then you carefully remove the whole black cover piece from the circuit board and stuff but it doesnt come off easy (well it didnt for me, it would hold on towards the back near the window lock). once its off you can work on it on a table and test it by placing the board on its plug. time consuming.

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I spy a blurry screwdriver and 2 cans of AXE body spray :lol:

:lol: yes. i keep forgetting to throw them out. empties. im lazy. also, do you want me to merge this with your other progression, 60*? and here you go...

If you want the window switches on the back doors to light up this is how

(note they only light up when the back windows are unlocked)

first get some wire(speaker wire works) and cut 4 short pieces about 2-3 inches

The rear window switches already have the lights in them (you just have to hook them up)

and connect the wires like this in the diagram


It should look like this (i just pushed the wires down in the socket)


Then you will have a window switch that lights up


Enjoy if they don't light up try unlocking the windows cause they will only light up when the rear windows are unlocked.

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been a few days. update? :) what do you think of the gauge cluster in all blue for my car?

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yea bud... it has been some time. we should make sure to catch up! how has the goat been?

its been devouring gas as usual lol. needs moar headers and cam tho...

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