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Centrifugal Supercharger

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I saw one of these on a Monte Carlo - http://mymonte.com/discussion/topic/28937-zippers-monte/ - and it seems like a pretty easy concept and probably the SIMPLEST way I can get additional power out of the van. My only issue is up until recently I've never heard of them and also, now that I've been talking about them with my friend who is a master tech, he's got nothing good to say about them. Personally, Because I have nobody to FAB up a lower intake for me to mount that 3.8 Super on the van, this seems like this'd be the easiest way to get extra power. I could purchase the supercharger assembly and also a set of valve springs from summit racing or something like that and basically be set... get a tune (runs probably $5-700 around here) and be set with an additional... what... 30 HP? Doesn't seem like much but it seems better than spending more money trying to get that super fabbed up for the van.

If I go this route, the supercharger I currently have will probably go up for sale on here for around $100+shipping, it's already on craigslist for $250.

Let me know what you guys think... Chris you're a smart guy, chime in here!!

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Hrmmm...you're comparing 90*V6 parts to 60*V6 parts. No interchangability.

RSM makes a centrifugal supercharger for 60*V6 motors, but I've only seen them in N-bodies, J-bodies and L-bodies. And the occasional W-body GP.

Space is a huge factor with the SV6, as there isn't much room in there with the LX9 motor.

To boot, the RSM needs to be rebuilt with better internals and bearings, as they're known for failure.

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Good to have a guy there to toss out the facts. Yes I know they aren't interchangable, generally I would just like to find myself a set up for the van. I personally feel like I've got a good amount of space for a poweradder like this. If I found one and had to do some other work, which wouldn't be too big of a deal, I would only have to reposition my power steering reservoir/pump, if I even had to do that. I have already removed my stock airbox and I'm looking for something to fill that space... was thinking of a secondary battery since I plan on running a nice sound system once summer hits, but as you have probably seen in my pictures, there's room there. I know there's not generally a lot of space under the SV6 hood but that's the least of my worries, I just feel it would be MUCH MUCH easier to get a Centrifugal than anything else.

If this seems like a bad idea though, what would you suggest?

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Not saying it is a bad idea...the RSM may be your best bet for on a budget...but you're still looking at +2.5K for a basic build. Obviously, you would greatly benefit from ported UIM and LIMs, ported heads and head work work (valves, pushrods, lifters, springs, etc) but you'll also have to factor in the increased fuel you'll need for that increase in airflow. Bigger injectors, higher flowing fuel pump, and of course, a re-mapped ECU to handle the necessary AFR changes.

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Yeah it's a lot of thought/work that I've got to put into it. I know that the RSM is a pretty spendy package even their lowest one is like $4k... I know a guy who will do a complete tear down for me and re build the LX9 for like $1000 including any parts and anything. The ported UIM and LIM I was thinking about doing that this upcoming summer and the injectors is an obvious necessity. I got a lot more thinking to do, but in the end of WHATEVER I do I want this van to be pushing around 250 HP which shouldn't be too hard because I'm sure I'm sitting at 215 with the exhaust and intake I put on. Not sure I guess, like I said... lot more thinking, just need opinions :(

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  • Founders

Just a little advice with all this costing so much you might want to cut corners, etc... Make sure whatever you do/get is quality work. I'd hate to see you spend all this money then bam, its all down the tubes.

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The LX9 is rated at the crank @200HP

Factor in drivetrain loss, you're probably putting 170HP to the front wheels, with your mods, possibly 178-182HP. With the proper build, that supercharger could put you at the 295-305HP range with the right tune.

These motors are capable of making HP with boost, one of the GA guys I know (eckoxl on here) is pushing 305HP to his front wheels with his hybrid LA1/LX9 turbo motor. Granted..he sunk A LOT of time and money into the GA.

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Yeah, no cutting corners, the guy who'd rebuild my motor is a pro. Most any parts would come from summitracing and in the end whether I super/turbo/CSC the van, it will be when I have another daily driver. my first investment is going to be an off roader, that comes next month. then, des and I either getting a 05 bonneville SLE, or an 08-09 G8 v6. Then a house. Then the van will see high cost engine mods. For now, little mods like exhaust changes, stereo, easy stuff. But I started a game plan for the van that's important to me and want to have 100% thought out and paid for before I loosen the first bolt.

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Not worth it man, if I were you here's what I'd do, and it's cheaper...

-Hone out your front manifold

-Have a rear log manifold, Ypipe, & downpipe made

-Find a good cond. used Holeset, Borg Warner S200 series, Garrett or Turbonetics 60 series turbo

-Used factory or aftermarket intercooler that will support 300hp (i.e. evo, srt4, ebay, etc. & route piping accordingly)

-Ebay piping kit

-Used Tial 38mm w/g (new diaphram)

-Used bov(buy a new diaphram if needed)

-Walbro 255

-60lb injectors


That should cost a lot less than trying to get that CFS to work, and put you EASILY in the 300whp range with a good tune. Be smart with your $, shop around on some local forum classifieds/craigslist/ebay/swap meets. I say let others' pay new prices, then when they decide to part it out, pick up on your savings. This can be had for around the 1500-2500 range, pending on how good of deals you come across. Used parts aren't always bad parts, same applies with cheap generic ebay stuff, like piping & intercoolers. I wouldn't worry about any port work, until you decide to start making some real serious power later on. Hope that helps!

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Walbro 255's are usually $85.00

Injectors are around $250.00


tial 38mm 181.50

BOV CURRENT BID 109.50 shipped

Turbo - 345.00 shipped

Turbo - 315.00 shipped

I/C & piping - 150.00 shipped

That puts you at roughly 1120.00, and that was a very quick search, ebay only.

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Thank you for the help/links/suggestions fellas. Me and a buddy were talking about doing some turbo ideas a couple months back. I found a quite a few turbos on craigslist that were around 200 bucks. It seems like a great idea, sounds like a lot of fun :lol2:. I will probably acquire the parts over the course of a couple years, and when I have everything together, I'll get the engine rebuilt and have everything fabbed up, and put them in. Thank you again for all the part suggestions and ideas!

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I wouldn't even bother having it rebuilt before the turbo or SC setup. Let your existing motor be the tuning guinea pig, test it's limits a little. Have another motor on standby, that way you can work out all your tuning bugs on your current motor. You could potentially run accross something catastrophic, that leaves you up the creek. Not a good situation, been there lol.

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Yeah that makes total sense. and I could probably find myself an LX9 in the area for less than $750.... good info... thank you again. The decision is going to end up being a down stream turbo. Thank you again for influences and ideas!!

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I've heard from a lot of folks who weren't all that pleased with their STS systems.

STS themselves are a joke

If anyone were to do a rear mount set up, I'd strongly recommend to do their own homework on compressor maps, eng cfm's, & such. Find the right turbo, and know the outcome rather than throw vast amounts of $ at it and trust in someone's "universal" b.s.

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