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OMGWTFJDM Dragon Run!!


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Quoted From Xceedspeed.

Sorry I've been away for a while but I'm pleased to announce we've got the dates for the 2010 Fall Dragon Run for this year and its OCTOBER 7TH THRU THE 10TH.

I've been setting this up over on another car forum I've been apart of for 10 years now (www.contour.or) and we've got 2 threads over there for it, one is the official "who's going list" and the other is general info for the run and an outlet for general "banter". This is a good way to get to know some of the people going. I know its wierd not knowing anyone, but last year we had the following xceedspeeders go and they had a good time....

1.Jim with the Fiero (Dennis the co-pilot)

2. Alex with the silver scooby wagon with light bar rack, well now

3. Ken with the "EVO Jr"

4. Derek with the "rental" Saab 9-3

5. Alex's buddy with the brand new STI

6. myself with the Mini (last years ride)

Everyone who goes down there are car enthusiasts, period. No hangups, no "cliques" and no problems I'm proud to report. We don't want any HOTDOGS OR CLOWNS down there with us. I'm no "fun governor", trust me, but we don't want anyone thinking their the STIG down there either, its a public road and should be treated as such. Trust me and anyone else who'd gone down there, driving at "mortal speeds" is more than enough!

Our group is as diverse as our cars, anything from an SRT8 Cherokee to a Honda Fit sport, a BSR Saab 9-3 to a Fiero and everything inbetween does make it out with us. Last year we had 17 cars from 6 states whow up for this and it was an awesome run to say the least.

This is where we stay www.caneycreekvillage.com Its located 3.5 miles from the beginning of the Cherahola Skyway, a 57 mile drive through the mountains just to get to the Dragon and a challenging road in and of itself, some say they like it better than the Dragon, its that good, different from the Dragon but GREAT! This road commands your attention as your climbing to an elevation of a little over a mile high and then back down, signs that say 9% grade let you know when to downshift and allow for engine braking but the turns out there can get you if your not careful, they seem to go and go and go before they somewhat straighten out. Along the way there's areas to stop and take pics and/or a chance to catch your breathe too!

The reason I'm posting now is simple, plenty of time to save, get the time off of work, get your car ready and to attend something that I've been setting up since 2003, there are no worries about things being in order or set up already, the lady at the cabin takes good care of us and we get a break on tax and the prices are anywhere from $20 a night for a bare cabin to $70 a night for a 2 bed, loaded cabin. We had 3 of us in ours with 2 beds and it cost each person $70.00 for 3 nights, can't beat that, period! You even get a free breakfast when you leave and as others can vogue, its awesome, southern cooking at its finest there too!

So let me extend a friendly invite to the xceedspeed community to attend our 8th annual Fall Dragon Run. If you've been wanting to go but were worried about how to get there and are a little leary to do something like this because of the unknown, no worries, a caravan will leave the metro Detroit area on the Wednesday, the 6th as well as the 7th (Thursday) which is our usual travel day. Either way, no worries and in general, the trip should cost you no more than $300, but it depends on if you've got a buddy to split the cost and which cabins you get. Oh yeah, speaking of that, if you do wanna go with us and you call down there to www.caneycreekvillage.com tell Dixie that your with "Roger from Deeeetroit" (even though I'm in Chicago now) she knows who I am

Any questions, feel free to post them here or PM me, thanks guys!

It's a ton of text i know.

Let it also be known that tent spaces are available, and i will be reserving one. We are in the process of figuring out how many tents / cars per site.

I will just finish by saying that this is my first time going with this group, or just to the dragon for that matter. With that being said, i have yet to figure out exactly how driving and getting there is going to work. BUT I AM NOT DRIVING ALONE, i will be in a caravan with at least one other car.

So please, questions?

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when i was an active member on Sixthsphere.com they used to go up there in numbers... in fact it seems that us pontiac guys fail at actually meeting at meets.

i would love to ride the Tail of the Dragon!!!!

i made a post long time ago on this board, or maybe G6P, about getting a bunch of us to go to the Tail of the Dragon but we suxor


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  • 1 month later...

This is just a random bump, it's a little late...

But we have 27 cars going. 10 of them from michigan. Including a turbocharged alero.

20psi on the twin cam HO motor.



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