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  1. steveeoaktree

    '79 G.P. Album

    Clean ol' Grand Prix. Not a big G body fanatic, but it's a nice Poncho! 301 (which purrs like a kitten) with A/C - 1 owner car.
  2. steveeoaktree

    interior refurbishing

    Locating the best junkyard interior parts available and bringing them back to life... in my GP.
  3. Both are beauties, but being that '74 was the last year of the pre emission blocks (and cats).... I must go with the Firebird! Not too often to actually see a 'bird with scoops and no spoiler. Refreshing.
  4. My vote goes to LawMan and that beautifully clean GP. (Can't help but be partial to the ol' GP's ha ha)
  5. Grew up in the 70's tinkering in the "bull pen" of my family's car dealerships... Where the either cool stuff or the parts cars were parked. From a '53 Pont straight 8 to a 1973 LeMans sport, a 1968 Riv to a 1969 Cutlass Supreme (the notchback not the fastback S) I grew up eyeing cool cars (not realizing how much things would change) Underneath it all, we always loved the Pontiac. Everyone has Chevy and Fords, they just don't compare to the split grille torque monsters...
  6. Love the originality, the one and only Super Duty GP made since the 60's... ha ha.
  7. Love those '66 - '67's headlight and nose design... Welcome! Heck between you and rickm you've got the immaculate '67 restos covered
  8. Awesome job! Great design skills! To have those kind of skills AND own a Pontiac... hmmm On a side note fellas, I was on my way to O'reilly yesterday and a G8 passed me and we both turned into O reilly. She was a 6.2 and sounded freakin wicked. (My first one to see up close - don't get out much) Might have a new wish for Xmas...?
  9. that would also explain why the 1,2,7 and 8 plugs are all black (rich) and the center 4 (3,4,5,6) are tanned? Will check it 2day. EDIT: I think that I figgered out the issue for future reference. #1 the "t" that screws into the throttle body at the rear of the carb is threading into severely worn threads, and leaking after warm. #2 The brake booster is shot. The brakes felt okay, but I plugged off the vacuum line as well as the tee, and she ran grrrr-eat. It's 40 years old anyway, so it'll be 100 bucks well spent for the booster/master cyl combo. Anyone else having random s
  10. Thank you sir. It's been a headache at times, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Most recently had an offer to trade her for a '68 Galaxie fastback .. Uh no. (Not that there's anything wrong with those ha ha) I try to remember to visualize the finished product when it gets frustrating, especially during the factory ASC sunroof part search. Ordered a Newport 38 x 22 universal sunroof to get the hole filled sooner, but came to my senses thankfully before cutting on the car and booked a storage unit instead. Can't take the most rare option away from my baby... ha ha. Thanks again, and on
  11. Much better after I finally broke down and pulled and completely rebuilt the distributor, and everything in it... ha ha. From the pickup coil to the plugs, all electrical ignition has been replaced. The MSD advance kit had great weights and springs inside it, and I chose to go with the medium springs. Now, I'm working on the choke thermostat,pulloff,etc.... The walker unit that I ordered through O'Reilly was backwards (in the way the spring cup was facing) so I have to send it back. I am still unsure of what that exhaust efe flap does, and whether or not it'd cause issues (or whether it's open
  12. Ghosty, that's a smooooth ride that you have there, but I am a sucker for the '70 body style.. Good Luck though! Stevee
  13. This one's for you Frosty. I can't get back there until Thursday to get the headliner and other stuff... (I apologize in advance if you saw these in my gallery). I am about to put her away into storage, but am totally frustrated with this dying issue after warm, along with the fuel in the oil... Gonna try and get those figured out before I pack her away.
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