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  1. Thanks everyone for the support! As it stands now he is in a mental facility undergoing 90 days psych eval then definitely jail time bc of all the damages caused to all 5 vehicles. And I was told he rents so I know his landlord isn't gonna let him back after this. Meanwhile I'm still waiting on body shop lol they say day before Christmas but I'm hoping for at least before new years. Can't wait!!!!
  2. News everyone, repair started ahead of the schedule body shop gave me before!!!
  3. Idk what's gonna happen but literally every day since more things keep getting added to the case against him from that day alone so he's gonna get hit and hit hard. I'm working on a petition to have him removed from the area and possibly locked in a facility bc of his mental condition. He has a history so I know a lot of the neighborhood has something against him. In the meantime my baby is at my works body shop and I'm in a rental. Don't get me wrong I like the new ford fusion but I want my gtp back lol.
  4. So the other night we had a disaster occur. My 99 gtp and my gf's 04 gp gt were vandalized along with a couple other cars in our neighborhood. The story goes like this: we were leaving to go to the store around 8pm on the 10th, walking down from our house in the alley a guy is walking up, not suspicious just normal. Looks at me and goes "you guys have nice cars" I thanked him and he kept walking. We get in her g8 and pull up to the top of the alley and I see him standing beside our house side door, ok wtf is up with that???? We pull out and he turns and goes back around the house. I tell her t
  5. So since I'm new here and don't know anyone, who's on here from around my area? I'm in Lemoyne Pa across the river from Harrisburg. Always great to meet new Pontiac friends who I can actually hang out with, so let me know if you're near me.
  6. Haha exactly! I wanted something custom but something that makes you double take like "wait, they never came like that..........did they????" I cant wait to get the sides and rear done to match.
  7. Absolutely! I love taking pics, I may be ugly but my car sure isn't lol
  8. If you've perused my pics on other posts then by now you've probably questioned my front bumper. For those who know Grand Prixs in one glance you can tell its not stock. Common question I'm asked is how did you mold in the SD lip? Haha no no that's not a molded SD lip, that's a full custom job, one of one, no one else ANYWHERE has it. It is 91 Camaro Z28 front lip vents integrated into the bumper using the same material as the bumper, I wanted something different, something unique, something I could say was my own idea, I think I achieved that and in my opinion it looks awesome. Side skirts an
  9. My car graces as many show fields as I can get her to every year, here's some pics from this year, enjoy!
  10. Thanks, we love taking pics, myself alone I think I've got 5,000 or more of just my car over the years, then add in ones of hers and ones she's taken of em all, probably enough to flood this page for the next few years lmfao!
  11. Thanks! The gf also had a 00 GP GT coupe gold but sold it recently due to not driving it. We really like our Pontiac's lol
  12. Hello, my name is Brandyn and I am from Lemoyne PA. I own a 99 Grand Prix GTP coupe that I've had for 9 years this coming Feb. Currently sitting at 252,000 miles, it is my only car, daily driven year round and taken to car shows religiously. Other Pontiacs in my family include my gf's 08 G8 base v6, and her 04 GP GT. So yeah, we're a Pontiac family haha.
  13. Midnight99GTP

    Wildwood NJ Vacation Shots

    Few pics of my girls G8 Base on our vacation in Wildwood NJ
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