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ok... here is the deal.

my mom needs a new radio for her car...


1. Nav

2. iPod Connectivity

3. Bluetooth

sounds easy right? just get a AVIC Z4 or the unit crimson had...


the problem is that she has an 05 Volvo S80 and the only direct plug and play option is a single DIN radio. i looked on www.metraonline.com for a kit for her radio and they only sell the single din.

this means that i am going to need a flip out unit. keep this whole thing under $1000 ALL SAID AND DONE

i can do the install. i need to figure this out for her.

Any help?

Thank You

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i know of crutchfield.

I was looking for personal experience.

please... i know my shit. ask anyone.

my issue is SINGLE DIN

i looked and found 4 potential units

one Pioneer

One Kenwood

One Clarion

one Alpine

I am looking for personal experience with single din motorized touchscreens. Also i want a NAV that is not DVD based.

please i am looking for personal experience with single din products that are motoized.

i have plenty of experience with Double Din. if that was my option i would not even ask

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I apologize if you clicked the link and got double DIN units, they show single DIN fold outs for me, for that car. Other than that, the only single DIN fold outs I've seen and used that have been worth their money are Kenwoods. As far as that goes, they make the KVT-614, get that with the nav module and it's quite nice. A friend has it, I've played with it and it's not bad. He loves it. The nav module uses an SD card, no DVDs. It can be found on Crutchfield.

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Thanks for the update.

Does the kenwood have ipod connectivity and bluetooth?

Yes and yes. iPod Connectivity is via USB, bluetooth is enabled.

If you get the cable for the iPod (something like $20), it hooks up in the rear and allows you to browse the iPod via the touchscreen and play videos from it.

Bluetooth, you have to get the Kenwood bluetooth adapter for handsfree cell use.

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I like the alpine stuff and the Double Din is a nice unit but you will need a Bluetooth module for the stereo to work with the phone. Their newest stuff is nice but some of the features are not the most user friendly.

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Have you considered getting her a radio with an Ipod connection and bluetooth, and then getting her a nice external GPS... or you could even get her a GPS with the bluetooth, which would help keep costs down, and keep from driving up the price :rofl:

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The problem is with the ipod connectivity/functionality. the single din units have bad functionality. Also bluetooth on a single din radio is hit or miss....

I have teh bluetooth and nav and ipod stuff on my radio and she like that.

Volvo does not allow for a double, strike that... metra does not have a double din radio mounting kit for the 04 S80

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Ok, you need to just find an antenna modulator that your antenna plugs into and the modulator plugs into the radio, that has the AUX headphone line off of it, that way, you can use any radio you want, and you can use any device with a headphone jack. Real easy to use to, you just wire it up to your radio power wire, it has a switch, you flip it, and it over powers the signal coming from the antenna with the modulator signal. For bluetooth, just get a GPS that has bluetooth in it, like this


Then she can use it in any car she wants :rofl:

OMG, I found it!!! I've been searching for this for like the longest time, but this is what you should get, and with this, you might not even want to get her a new stereo


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This might interest you (click). Apparently Volvo itself sells the double-din kit. Part numbers and pics are on that thread. Might be worth a call to Volvo.

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