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My 03 Outback H6

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well the previous outback i had before this started to piss me off. a few months after i bought the thing it developed an oil leak at the oil separator plate on the back of the engine. since i don't have an engine hoist anymore and the shop down the road wanted $700 to start plus it had some rot behind the wheel well. i wasn't really looking for a new car but this one popped up and the day i went to look at it i was headed to the junkyard to grab crap for the old outback. stopped and did the whole test drive routine and a couple hours later i bought the car you will see below. picked it up a couple days later.

this thing is wicked clean inside and out. the whole inside looks barely used and the underneath didn't have any rot or body rot.

the pics the dealer had before i bought it





the same day i picked it up. halfway home. had to stop and mow my aunts grass


removed the H6 3.0 piece from the front grille


the day i stopped to take pics after i put the JDM out tail lights in


you can see the pearl sparkle in the paint in this one.


the new addition the JDM outer tail light piece


it will be getting lifted with baja springs in the near future.

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Sweet, i have always liked Subaru. Cant wait to see what you do to her!

it's my 3rd one :lol2: 1st one i had for like 5yrs and technically still have it since it's still sitting in my garage..the 2nd one i had less than a year and that got traded in for this one. was keeping the first one to use for parts on the one that got traded in..

probably won't be doing anything to the engine since there is literally no aftermarket for it. as for the rest it will get lifted with baja springs which will gain about 1.5" in height.

light wise i'm gonna switch everything over to led's..started with the hvac controls since they burnt out and the lights at the bottom of the doors. going to go after the brake lights next.

interior wise i'm going to add a few gauges to it.. trying to find a solution that doesn't involve the a-pillar. only thing i have really changed so far was adding an alpine 9813. also i'm partially on the hunt for leather seats.

only other thing engine wise i'm looking to change is add a cutout. probably gonna go with one of the electric ones. i like the quietness it has now but i like the loudness and how much it sounds like a porsche when there isn't a muffler involved on these things.

Is that maroon or black? lol

the technical name they give it is Black Granite Pearl..honestly thought i was getting a black car and then when i went there i was like oh it's not standard black.

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put some led's in the door panels..these are blindingly bright i had to unhook the button to tell the car the door was closed. also did the hvac controls with led's


was trying to put led's in the plate lights but the right side was being a bitch and it's because the lights i got are slightly oversized.

may screw around with it later but the light on the left is the led i bought and the right is the silverstar bulb i bought since that's all that autozone had and i got pulled over earlier that day for the plate lights being out.


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I never knew you lived in Mass......

Boobaru looks good!

lol i thought we talked about this somewhere on here but yeah i live in north brookfield and most of my tools and car stuff along with the GA is in Leicester.

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picked up some Beretta GTZ wheels to use as winter wheels. 2 of the wheels i use to own. sold them to a friend when i scrapped the Z26 years ago.. mounted some nokian hakkapeliitta r2's on them..got some billet center caps on there way so that hole will be filled.

wanted to do a light bar for the front but nothing out there will fit since everything is designed on an H4 based car and the underneath of the H6 based car is different.





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  • 1 month later...

bought this thing when i first got the car and after the initial cut and test fitting i never did much with it..been knowing i needed to heat the plastic up to better form it to the pillar i broke out the propane torch and the end result is pretty good..

now since they don't make a pillar pod for this generation many people have bought one from an 02ish impreza..


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it's not perfect but it's a start. the mark i made this winter on the drivers side fender came out..wasn't really mad when it happened since it was light. that happened when i was cleaning snow off..

i stopped at the carwash beforehand and blasted the crap off and then picked up a couple gallons of spring water and did the ONR rinse in the garage..

this is after the ONR..doesn't look bad and still shines.

in the middle of buffing..iirc this was the first stage..

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