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Super Touring Car Thread!


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Doesn't matter if it's from years back, or recent series. Talk of your favorites from all different championships, drivers, cars, etc.

The British Touring Car Championship:

The Prodrive Ford Mondeo:



Nissan Primera:



Honda Accord:



Audi A4:



Volvo S40:



Renault Laguna:



Vauxhall Vectra:



Peugot 406:



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Australian V8 Supercars!


This series is BY FAR the best out there. Big, hulking full size V8 RWD sedans duking it out on the toughest of road courses and street courses.

And this is where the age old Ford vs. GM (in this case, through Holden) continues, down under style.

Ford Falcon GT Race Car:


The upcoming Faclon GT Race Car:


The Holden Commodore Race Car: (Pontiac G8 to us Yanks. :lol2:)


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' date='Mar 2 2010, 10:27 AM' post='14097']

Wait a minute, GT2? They detuned the C6R and went to a lower class? o.O WTF?

Yup they said they needed more of a challenge.

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Yup they said they needed more of a challenge.

Well now. I have a feeling that may not last though. When the Audi's dominated the LMP1 class for years, they just changed to a Bi-turbo diesel motor. :D And CONTINUED to dominate.

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I hate the fact that they kept the doofy GXP wing on the back plus the downforce wing.

But GM's run with the car was successful. Too bad you can't buy a V8 RWD G6 GXP coupe. :agreed:

I would LOVE to buy a spare chassis from a race team and make it into a street car. Helloooooooo sleeper.

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The new 2010 C6R corvette




Now that's some nice Vette's. Check out this video of my buddy, Dan Fastuca. He is the guy with the Mohawk. He has TWO street legal Vette's, one GT-1 and one GT-2. His car is the one on stage in the flames. Dan is a great guy and toured with the ALMS Corvette team last season. He opened a few events ALMS with his version of Jimi Hendricks Star Spangled Banner. You can find it by doing a you tube search on his name. There's also a video that Coolmanvette shot of Dan doing a burnout in my buddy's Z06 for a photo shoot for Vette Magazine.

Here is the link for the burnouts:

If you watch closely at about 18 seconds in before the burnout you can see me, the tall guy, next to the owner, the short guy. The other guy running around is the editor of Vette Magazine

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