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SVX Manual conversion! paging budfreak

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  • 4 weeks later...

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Lol wow, I just saw this and was like "wait, this is a Pontiac board" :o . Had me confused lol. Nice find, but about $900 more than I'd give.

I'm not a fan of the manual swaps. Just way too much work and cost, for something no faster than a 4.44 auto with QC shift kit, which costs 1/2 as much time and money.

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My g6 I don't regret it at all my solstice I really regret though their 5 spds are really notching and sometimes not that smooth. Manuals might be becoming slower but nothing really beats slamming through gears or getting the perfect heel-toe and what not its just alot more self gratifying when you do something yourself.

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No amount of fun is worth an extra $1-2 thousand dollars and days of work, over a 5-8 hour long, and less than $800 4.44 auto swap. Plus, you still end up no faster as has been proven by me. The SVX has manual mode for the tranny, and if you learn how to use it, it is fun. I will take an auto any day.

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There is no denying that auto's can be faster, more efficient, and consistent. Your missing the point of whats its like to drive a manual though, it takes a little bit of skill to master a car and can be a really rewarding experience. You feel more connected and like your actually doing something, its just a simple pleasure that I really enjoy. Driving a car isn't always about being the fastest its about really enjoying it and having fun. The Porsche PDK transmission is the closest thing to having a true manual that transmission is pretty brillant, I have only really driven one for a extended period of time and that was in a Cayman S.

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I've owned manuals, and had this discussion a MILLION times, on a million different forums. I simply do not care about manuals. Yes, I understand the attraction, but it's just not my thing. I am perfectly happy just cruising along in my auto, knowing I have the power to take alot of what is around me in my class. I don't need the gratification of a manual to feel like I'm doing something, because the gratification of having an awesome car that I made that way, is enough for me. The fact everywhere I go, I get questions and thumbs up and smiles, is all I need. I guess you could say I'm easy to please, because 1 squeeze of the gas pedal in my GTA is all it takes for a smile on me, I don't need to change gears myself for it.

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I agree with budfreak. I can drive both manual and auto. My dads BMW is fun to scoot around in but I much prefer the Phoenix with her 140hp and 3speed auto. Even if the Phoenix had the optional 4 speed manual that still wouldn't be the reason for driving it. If you need to spend that much money/time to swap a manual to have fun, then obviously the car was boring as f*ck to start with.

the only manuals that I absolutely love driving are Internationals xD

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