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  1. Thanks guys! All I have done recently is maintanence stuff, like replacing the entire steering system, and I added an aluminum 3 core radiator and a plate/fin style 24,000 GVW tranny cooler. I have a nitrous system that will be here tomorrow.
  2. Hi guys, been awhile. Since last update, I have done a few things here and there. Main things being a 3 core aluminum rad and a 24000 gvw plate/fin tranny cooler. Hope all is well.
  3. Thanks Mark! Keep it going guys, I am still in this but 45 votes out of the race for first! please help!
  4. Thank you very much guys, just keep it coming!
  5. Thanks Young Gun! Just keep the LIKES & SHARES coming guys, I am getting way too far behind 1st and 2nd (both chevy's), and we all know a Pontiac should be in 1st!
  6. Thanks man! Make sure you guys share it too, because I'm falling way behind first place all the sudden. Make sure they know to click the photo, THEN click like. Liking your post about it doesn't count. Thanks again everyone!
  7. Thanks guys! Keep them coming, I'm back in first place now and need to hold it until the 18th.
  8. I am in a contest on FB to win a full fluid change from royal purple, and I need everyones help! Right now I am in first place, but only by 3 votes. The contest ends on the 18th, so I need to widen my lead and keep it. Please help me out, click the link, and give me a like on the pic of my GTA! Also share it please, and make sure everyone understands to click the pic, then click like because liking your post about it does not count. Don't forget to like the host of the contest too, milestone paint & body. Thanks in advance everyone! https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=503081
  9. I've owned manuals, and had this discussion a MILLION times, on a million different forums. I simply do not care about manuals. Yes, I understand the attraction, but it's just not my thing. I am perfectly happy just cruising along in my auto, knowing I have the power to take alot of what is around me in my class. I don't need the gratification of a manual to feel like I'm doing something, because the gratification of having an awesome car that I made that way, is enough for me. The fact everywhere I go, I get questions and thumbs up and smiles, is all I need. I guess you could say I'm easy to
  10. No amount of fun is worth an extra $1-2 thousand dollars and days of work, over a 5-8 hour long, and less than $800 4.44 auto swap. Plus, you still end up no faster as has been proven by me. The SVX has manual mode for the tranny, and if you learn how to use it, it is fun. I will take an auto any day.
  11. Lol wow, I just saw this and was like "wait, this is a Pontiac board" . Had me confused lol. Nice find, but about $900 more than I'd give. I'm not a fan of the manual swaps. Just way too much work and cost, for something no faster than a 4.44 auto with QC shift kit, which costs 1/2 as much time and money.
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