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Is this as bad as it looks? :(

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Now I really love my car, but everytime I take something off I always find something new.

After taking my carpets out I found these huge holes behind my front wheel wells.

I'm just depressed because I don't have all the knowledge or expertise for these things.

Is this fixable? Is it as bad as it looks?









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Well, anything is fixable for a price. The stuff in the back seat seems to be primarily surface rust which is pretty east to just clean off with a wire wheel and seal. The front definitely needs to be welded, which means you have to find a person and materials to do it. It's definitely savable though, just depends on the money you have to do it.

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The front definitely needs to be welded, which means you have to find a person and materials to do it. It's definitely savable though, just depends on the money you have to do it.

Girlfriends dad says he will do it for free. He has the materials and the expertise.

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' date='Sep 10 2011, 07:39 PM' post='59261'] Don't you have an account on AR? make a topic on there about this, a lot of the regulars are familiar with sheetmetal work like this.

You talkin' about Anti-Rice?

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I would suggest that you purchase reproduction floor pans for a 78 Nova. Nova sheet metal is more popular than Phoenix/Ventura metal for one thing. Second, Nova floor pans should be identical or nearly identical since it is the same platform. Making custom floor boards is very expensive and time consuming.

You will have to cut out metal around your holes where there is good metal in order to weld in the new metal. You will also have to remove any undercoating from the bottom of the car too for the same reason. It also means you should gut most of the interior out of the car while this work is going to protect it from hot sparks and heat dsitortion. Basically, the car will be out of commission for quite some time. Might be time to do a complete or near complete restoration.

I only googled one company, Ground Up Restoration. www.ss396.com to find the floor pans

They specialize in Chevy restoration parts and they do carry Nova floor pans. I suspect there are more companies like this that sell Nova sheet metal.

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Now that I stare at your driver side phpto some more, I think you will also need to replace the driver side rocker panel too. The passenger side might also need it but I can't tell from the photo. Ideally, it would be a good thing to sand blast the body to uncover all the sins and blemishes in the car. That is expensive and means a complete restoration, but it is the only real true way to see what you are dealing with.

Regardless, your car is going to be tied up for quite awhile. However since this is structural sheet metal, it has to be done. Don't be surprised if there are support braces that might also need replacing caused by those pesky iron moths.

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I have a 2010 Equinox for a back up car.

And the rockers are fine, that brown you see is not rust, it is primer. Unless I missed something with the rockers?

Anyways, the floor pans from Classic Industries look identical to mine and they offer them in sections (Front left or right, rear left or right)


I'm going to ask Classic Ind. what their take on getting these pans for The Phoenix, they have helped answer questions for me in the past so I trust them.

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Here is the response from Classic Industries:

1st Message: The 1978 Phoenix is what they commonly refer to as a "grill job". Meaning, from the Firewall back, it is the same as the Nova. May need some minor mods, but should work as far as we know.

2nd Message: Hello Michael, our research shows that the body styles are exactly the same so it should work perfectly! Your Phoenix has an X-body format so go for it.

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well you heard the man...... GO FOR IT!

There the same as the Nova. Also all you really need to do is cut out the bad in one or two pieces and then lay them on the new. Now trace out the shape and cut it out. Then weld in the new section you cut out and paint it and your done. Thats it in a nut shell its really not that hard and way easier than making you own or patching it from scratch. IMO

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