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My latest investment that I seem to love haha

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So I guess I decided to join the crowd. Know a couple guys around here that are Neon crazy and they finally talked me into one. I drove my friend Brandon's around a few times and fell in love with it. Finally found my own, Forest Green 1995 Plymouth Neon Sport Coupe. 2.0L 5spd. 3rd gear gives a little grind when shifting in because the synchros are going, but a new trans will fix that for me :(. Driven the car 4 days now and love it, haven't been nice to it yet besides washing it, and the worst I've gotten is 26.8 MPG haha :P

For the pics:




Current Mods:

Custom Intake

2nd Gen seats

Projector headlights

Short Throw Shifter

35% Window Tint

I love it! It's no Pontiac but it's so fun ;)

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Forgot to mention the 4 wheel disc brakes :( the brakes are amazing. The trans isn't the best but my budd's got the ACR trans and EFF that. He went from getting 43 MPG to getting 15. No thanks haha :P although I wouldn't mind going with the 2.0 DOHC, this one was converted back to a SOHC. I love the ACR components but the costs are worth more than two of my 4 vehicles parked in my driveway haha. Like I said I love it! but, they're good fun cheap cars. I'm going to put in a clutch out of a PT cruiser because they're a little stronger. Can't wait to update the car though, it's so much fun to drive and I can take corners at like 40 when I wouldn't normally take them at 20 haha ;)

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  • Founders

How many cars do you have now? :agreed:

I'm not a fan of Neons. Had to drive my friends Neon all last weekend when I helped him move. I had the pedal to the floor and it literally would crawl, they don't take load very well. It was a 5spd man and I had a passenger and a couple bags of light stuff.

Have fun with it though, is it just a beater or what?

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I personally have my van, my truck and the neon. Des and I share the Saturn but if you've ever shared with a lady, you'll understand that I don't see the inside of that car too often. The neon actually accelerates really well even with my two 200+ lb buddies in the back seat and Des and I up front. Might I add those friends are 6'2" and 6'4" and they're seated comfortably with room to spare.

This car is more of a small project car. I make 30 mpg easily and there's so much that can be done. Currently I've planned to fix the body rot on driver's rear wheelwell, new transmission and new clutch. OH and a radio.

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yeah, I love them so much that I guess I'm buying another one. My buddy gave me a call and told me if I pay his phone bill for a while I can have his. Another 95, nearly fully rebuilt motor, newly installed RT 5 speed trans... has an electrical problem that makes it so we can't get it started haha. I'm going to pick up an aftermarket computer and do up a custom wiring harness so we can make it run haha. It's a forest green (same color) sedan. I'm starting my own neon collection I guess lol, guy I know not too far from me has owned 43 of them!

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  • Founders

Sounds like you might have to start going to NA meetings since it sounds like you have a problem lol.


As long as he's not in-debt I'd say car collecting isn't a problem :lol:

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  • 2 weeks later...

My only real "debt" is the fact that the Saturn and the van I'm making payments on. Truck's tires are on a payment plan. Although I think I might let the Bronco go for a cheap $1500 with the brand new $800 tires on it. Our insurance just came up they want 6 months up front and with 4 cars on there, 2 being full coverage for the loans, I have to pay $2g. That's not too bad really but it's still a hit to the chest haha. I started my own business so soon enough I might be investing in 2 more trucks, but these 2 would have plows, strength and importance etc. etc.

Anywho, no debt just a collection :blink: I love it. I'm almost to the point of one car per day, except Des drives the Saturn so I don't really get to enjoy it lol

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