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'94 Bronco Progression

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So I got some time to relax, yep, Easter morning. But, Figured I could start up a progression thread of my Bronco I just got. Just a few pictures, but it's my truck :picard:

Purchase day 3/11/11


New Tires:



Takin the top off:




Washed it up after mudding:


So far the only things I've done is take off the seat cover, the tailgate, and the top. Not going to have a tailgate for a while because it's too expensive to get a new one right now and it looks better without it haha. Been driving around the last 3 days getting rained on, awesome!! haha :)

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cool beater/off roader truck for when your not driving the :picard: looks like its fun. :)

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' date='Apr 24 2011, 11:51 AM' post='53028']

These trucks are too much fun in the woods. They can take a beating.

:picard: and the best part about trucks like that who cares about trail scratches and dents. ect

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Yeah the truck has done amazing, I've had it going through water up to the headlights with no problems running 31x10.5" Bridgestone Dueler Revo 2 A/T's. It's a lot of fun, had it going down a few trails too... Not so worried about the trail scratches, but a big part of a tree got caught up in the brush guard, and when I kept going it snapped back and I thought my windshield was gonna shatter lol... I love the truck so far though. Exhaust clips will come soon, along with some off road clips!!! Des been driving the van so it's getting used we got all it's problems fixed :picard:.

Oh, and we took the top off because who wouldn't want a convertible SUV that can go through 4 ft deep mud and water?? Haha :)

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Haha that's funny... Yeah, best part about it is you got the backseat so it's like a roller coaster when you go off roading lol

cool beater/off roader truck for when your not driving the :picard: looks like its fun. :)

I don't know if I'll be using as a beater like I thought I would be.... It's a pretty sweet truck and it runs AMAZING with the exception of a small misfire due to a carbon covered rotor in my distributor. Like 10 bucks to replace that so after that it'll run like a brand new truck :)

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nice man everyone needs a muddin truck lol

well it's kinda doubled as a daily/4x4 lol. we also just picked up another '99 bonneville. this one's an SSE, front end smashed in so we gotta replace EVERYTHING from the windshield forward. But we got it for $250, can't beat It haha

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  • Founders

yeah i would like to see pics of this no Bonnie you got. I was actually lookin at a Bonnie, i love the style.

I honestly didn't really care for the recent years bonnies but after seeing 95naSTA's, I think that opinion has changed lol.

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Sorry Chaos I can email some to you if you would like. 250 for a 99 damn you could part that out and make 10X that.

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I haven't posted anything of the 99 yet because we don't know what we're doing just yet. My mom's continuously arguing with me like she is a body shop genious and I'm just getting extremely frustrated. The core support is bent and also the sheet metal is straight up torn, so you CAN NOT bend that back. If we want to see the car on the road again, the core support will need to be replaced. The car's only got 130,xxx miles on it so I'm kind of excited to see it on the road. It's got beautiful interior, the body is immaculate (it was an old lady's car, got left to her granddaughter who crashed it after only a couple of months), and the motor and trans are mint. Just getting tired of trying to help a person who won't take information and facts from someone in the field of work.

The truck on the otherhand... off-roadin again tonight!! haha

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