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Selling 455

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Selling this Running 455,  what’s a good asking price? Just trying to make room in my shop. Feedback appreciated. 



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The easy answer is whatever someone is willing to pay. That said, assuming this engine is original and not cobbled together, it appears to be out of a large B-body Pontiac with #15 heads (1.96 intake and 1.66 exhaust valves). So it is a valuable core 455 engine. So $500-$1000. I'd start by asking $700-750 and see if you get any takers.

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Thank you so much for that info, I currently have it listed for $500 and still get alot of low ballers. Here is some more pictures of numbers stamped on that i have no clue what they mean....




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Great site for these questions. http://www.wallaceracing.com/engine.htm i would ask 1k. any history? vids of it running.what were you told? curious as to what type of remote filter was run. 

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YH indicates this is a large car with an automatic transmission - 360HP 10.00 CR. 1970 is the only year that the 455 was 10.00 or 10.25:1 (considered high compression) - after that compression dropped to from 7.6-8.4:1  for all 455s built after 1970.

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Just sold it for $1000 to a guy that has a 68 GTO, he was super excited about it

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      I'm new to the forum and also to the build world.  Just want some good respectful, opinions, and ideas, how how to build my 73 grand prix 455. First like to start with what size carb and flowmasters?
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      Well fellas, I will finally have some more time Saturday to get to tweaking the issues with the '76 GP's idle/accel issues. Started with running terrible and popping back through the carb. After a new fuel pump (smelled fuel in the oil), wix inline filter and new lines, and 2 Rochester carb rebuilds (soaked the parts overnight in the carb solvent the 2nd time as well as installing a new brass float), re gapped the new plugs to .045 that were gapped at .080 by the seller, new vaccum lines, and I also have the new pcv valve and lines (there wasn't one) to install Sat. It now accelerates MUCH better, but idles like it wants to die at stoplights (and does die sometimes) but starts right back up. I thought maybe to tweak the vaccum lines to see how they work best b/c some diagrams show a "t" going to the vac advance with one going to the manifold, and the other going to the carb... and some diagrams just show a single line to the carb. I also don't know it the missing pcv would cause any minor idling or accelerating issues, but I do know that it should be there. the timing is solid. I am going to drain the tank again and refill it with 89 octane fuel to also see if that helps. I am curious though, as it seems to only try to die after it's warmed up. I know there is a choke internal in the intake but it's tough to find a diagram specific enough to list all of the line connections for a 1976 400 2bbl... (most show them for the 4 bbl) If any of y'all have any tips, I'll surely give them a try either tomorrow after work, or Saturday when I do the rest... Have interior pieces to dye inbetween as well so it should be a great Poncho day -- just would feel much better if I could get this baby to run smooth! She's sooo close...


      Thank y'all  for your time, and all of the guidance that you've given.



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