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1969 442 Convert 400CI 4 Speed


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ok... so i found a 1969 442 400 4 Speed Convert (it is in FAIR condition mechanically) the body is clean and little rust. went around it with a magnet and it appears to be all metal. it is not the original motor and it has manual choke, a highrise intake with two Holley carbs and a cam in it. sounds good and started right up.

it has manual steering and manual DRUM brakes and needs work. they are asking 19000. i need a way to look up a fair market value for something in this condition.

i checked NADA and they said it was worth about 16700.

any other resources?

oh and i will :cheers: this weekend when i go look at it again.

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  • Founders

This is for my father... and his money...

That's cool, are you both going to work on it or is it "his project" lol.

I'd really like to see pics of it!

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well turns out that he wants to spend like 10 on something that way he has another 10 to fiddle with. the 442 is not going to happen.

Ringo -

it is going to be OUR project... HIS money. ultimately his car but i will be there to work on it the whole way thru.

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Photos would probably help,

From what you described -- not original motor, body needs work but little to no rust. If it had drum brakes it is probably not a real 442.

$8000 - $10,000

I have a friend who knows better about pricing and could tell better.



* 1969 442 VINs follow the form "344xx9x1xxxxxx". Canadian-built cars used the number 1, instead of the traditional letter, indicating the Oshawa Ontario manufacturing plant.

* The body data plate will not match the VIN. All 1969 442s have 344879... VINs, but the body data plates for those years will carry a 3687... designation. This is well documented and nothing to worry about. Similarly, the sequence number on the body data plate will not match the last six digits of the VIN (except in the event of an extreme coincidence), since these were Fisher Body numbers, not VINs. To sum up, while the body data plates on the 68-69 cars carried Cutlass body numbers, the VIN for a 69 442 must start out 344879. However, Fisher Body definitely changed the numbering on the body tags sometime in 1969, so there are a few 1969 442s with 344... Fisher body tags. Switch occurred somewhere after the fourth week of March.

* No 455's, only 400's.

* Block should be 396026 G with C heads. Your strongest proof would be a numbers-matching (to the VIN) 400 CID engine.

* Carb number should be 7029251.

* No TH-350 automatics, only TH-400s.

* Used a 31/32" front sway bar with a cyst-like nub on the passenger side. The Cutlass front sway bar is square on the ends. The 442 front sway bar, is somewhat fatter, (.970" vs the Cutlass .937" in dia.), but it has rounded ends with a rounded extrusion on the end. Call it a sway bar "cyst" if you will. Someone swapping this item, would REALLY have to know what they were doing.

* Rocket emblems in place of the "S" or "CS" on the door panels right above the arm rests. Most forgers miss that detail, so it is a good quick and dirty check to make in case you can't open the hood or read the VIN tag. I think 95% of forgers would overlook the rocket emblem.

* The body plate business has been documented before and it is in fact likely that a 1969 4-4-2 will have a Cutlass body code on the plate.

Model Units

Sports coupe 2475

Hardtop coupe 19587

Convertible 4295

Total 26357

Grille was split in the center with a wide divider on which 442 appeared. Turnpike cruising option deleted. It also had paint stripes outlining the "power bulges" on the hood and a single pinstripe at the trunk edge, outlining the tail lights, 442 badging, special grill, (blacked-out egg-crate) and woodgrain applique on the dash. The 442 grills were in fact black on the slats with silver around sides and bottom Headlight bezels are silver with black on facing (area that headlight come thru). It came with 14 X 6 wheels.

Alternator used an internal voltage regulator. Interior also featured woodgrain on the dash. Also used a cutout rear bumper and the trunk had stainless trim.

In 69 the W29 "option" was the entire package. When you ordered a W29, you got the base 442 and any OTHER options (also marked with *) required when ordering W29. W29 was the REQUIRED option when you checked off that you were ordering a 442, (hence the *)and unique VIN ID was included, since it was its own body line from 68-71 inclusive. Strange as it may seem, this W29 really meant put all the 442 stuff on a Cutlass car. So it was coded W29, not 442. Make sense?

Engine specs:

Base: 400cu in, 4bbl-rochester, 10.50 CR, 350 hp@4800 (325 hp@4600 w/AT), 440torque@3200

W-30: 400 cu in, 4bbl-rochester, 10.50 CR, 360 hp@5400, 440torque@3600

W-31: 350cu in, 4bbl-rochester, 10.50 CR, 325 hp@4600, 360torque@3600



3 spd manual Hurst floor shifter


4 spd manual close ratio Hurst floor shifter

4 spd manual wide ratio Hurst floor shifter

2 spd manual auto column

floor shifter optional on auto with console

Rear axle:

Canadian 442's also had a 12 bolt Chevy rear.

3spd 4spd wr 4spd cr Auto

350 hp: 3.23s 3.42s,n 3.91s,n

engine 2.56o 3.08o 3.42o,n

2.78o 3.23o,a 4.33o,n,d

3.08n 4.66o,n,d 3.08n





325 hp: 2.78s

engine 3.08o






360hp: 3.42s 4.33s,n,d,r 3.42s,n

engine 2.73o 3.42o,n 3.91o,n

3.08o 3.91o,n,d,r 4.33o,n,d,r

3.23o 4.66o,n,d 4.66o,n,d




s = standard

o = optional

a = std w/air cond

n = not available w/air cond

d = dealer installed

r = anti-spin diff. required

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Dude, I'm impressed.

You realized those are specs that I downloaded a few years ago when I was looking for the chevelle. I actually found a 442 but it was a clone that some guy was trying to pass off.

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