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Hello, I am hoping someone has experienced my problem. I have a 2004 Sunfire 2.2L OHC engine. The car occasionally takes a bump on the gas to start, and idles rough after starting. otherwise good. Also the cruise control occasionally works, it worked fine before the rough idling. I ran diagnostics and came up with code 300, random and multiple misfires. From what I have learned in my research is to check for vacuum leaks, spark plugs, fuel pressure, and compression. But now I am reading that the ignition control module is famous for being bad. Am I on the right track, starting with the vacuum leak? I heard somewhere that cruise control uses vacuum. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you so much! 

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Hello xactleeright. Welcome to FP.

Your starting point is correct, in my opinion. Vacuum leaks, spark plugs (and plug wires - check for cracks), fuel pressure, and compression testing are all great starting points and go from cheap fixes to more expensive. Check all rubber hoses for cracking. Time, ultraviolet light, dirt, ethanol and other chemicals are all enemies of rubber.

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