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Blowing water out of radiator reservoir

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Hey guys. I need some serious help here. I bought a 2004 Grand am not running. Believed it to be a bad head gasket. replaced head gaskets, still has poor compression, average 64 lb. Car is very hard to start and is blowing water out of coolant reservoir. My son and I are very stumped, running out of ideas. Any help,any ideas, will be much appreciated. it will give him a car to get back and forth to work, thanks guys. Randy

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Were the cylinder heads resurfaced and checked to be sure that there was no cracks....?? The aluminum cylinder heads are also Very prone to warping especially if has been run hot and should not be reinstalled unless it has been cut to insure a flat surface for the head gasket to seal properly....Also no cracks in the deck of the block or in maybe one of the cylinders....It is also very possible possible to have an internal crack in one of those areas....and not have any water in the engine oil......

One other thing...The head bolts are torque to yield and should not be reused.....Once they have been stretched (torqued) they will not have their clamping power anymore....Will allow the head to crawl around or not seal even if it has been cut......

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I am wondering if we are dealing with multiple issues. Two Lanes points are spot one. You definitely need to replace the old torque-to-yield bolts with new ones.

Low compression could be a head gasket, cylinder cracks, warped heads, or bad piston rings (blow by). If it is piston rings, it means a complete tear down of the motor.

Water coolant blow up through the reservoir tank could be a head gasket and such. It also could be a bad radiator cap. A radiator cap is cheap, try try replacing it.

Check your oil, does it appear to okay or look more like a chocolate milkshake? If it is more like a milkshake then you are getting coolant in the oil - signs of a head gasket or cracked head.

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