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  1. So here we go again. Lol 2000 Pontiac Grand am 2.4l 243,xxx miles. So as we know the car sat for a wile it was run for a wile with 2 cyls working and two getting fuel. Possible cylinder walls washed and over heated. I think we have piston slap got a few vids of before and after oil change. First vid is old oil second is engine after third is before oil change. If you can hear the second video you can hear the sound well it is under the lifter tick sounds ... Can also see the glitter in the oil pan I think ?!?!?!?! ...... thanks you-all for the input and help. The whirling nosie is the alt btw 20181207_004144.mp4 20181207_003940.mp4 20181206_142218.mp4
  2. Or is it perfectly normal sounding engine for the miles and I might have a little PTSD from cars leaving me on the side of the road. Witch btw 2 of 4 where Ford Tauruses, one was a Mazda 323 I burned up clutch and last was a 1995 Grand am 2.3 ouad 4 witch had problems lots witch showed it's colors after I redlined it at like 99mph maybe faster and caused rod knock. The oil light would flicker at idle on the way home. (This story is the car to the grave) witch was 80 to 90 miles ... It was horrible loud it finally locked up 3 miles from home. It wouldn't even turn over. O and mind the water pump also when out on the way and stopped by two creeks to fill up radiator lol. The oil was changed two days before and was dark gray when it died. Opened oil filter and found no shavings or specks of metal that I could see. There was a fair amount of dirt however so yeah. That o2 was the upstream one changed it two month ago w downstream
  3. Understood. Btw there is a post engine oil it has more videos. And one of the old oil. Thanks two lane blacktop
  4. This car 2000 GA 2.4l recommends 215/60r15 @ 30 psi cold ... I have 195/65r15 on right now. How much air press would you all rec of them? I had 38 in them yesterday and was doing 70mph and when over a spot of HW in Winston where they grounded the black top down, and it put a pop not on it. So I changed it and made all tires 30psi seems to ride better to. All tire same size btw.
  5. 20181206_142218.mp4 20181206_142704.mp4
  6. Now I'm hearing a hollowed muffled almost bell like sound. It sounds the same cold or hot. When I first started the car in the morning I don't hear no chatter or anything. I'll try to get a vid of the sound.
  7. Lynn5907

    Heat hot at high rpm, cold at low

    My grand am uses a door flap with electric motor ( temp selector ) make sure that is in working order to
  8. So just replaced some parts they where shot. Makes me wonder what the heck hell these parts suffered. Lol. The caliper on driver's side was so bad it broke my c-clamp. Had to undo brake line and beat the heck out of it with 🔨 untill it worked. Wound up replacing however! There was a feeling of unblanced tire magically it when away lol.... Anything else or tips I should know or do anything thing else? 😂😂😂😂 Look at that rotor 👇👇👇👇🙃🙃🙃🙃 dang cat 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  9. Cool thanks people. Frosty that confirms the thought this car sat for awile. Center part is in-between the two breaking contact point. They didn't look that bad when I had taken them off the car btw. The contact point was clean but pitted and grooved
  10. Lynn5907

    Heat hot at high rpm, cold at low

    Is thermostat bad or maybe it didn't seat correctly when installed. It's happened to me before. Like to much cold water going through. Maybe try a hotter thermostat????
  11. Yeah I left them in the rain a few days for I took the pic or are you talking about the center of them? I do think the car sat for like a year n half ... And change the oil was first on list lol.
  12. Word! Thanks for all the help Two lane blacktop
  13. Yep like u so said. Tie rods where shot and bushing .... Car now turns scary sharp. This whole time I thought the car had great handling well come to find out it didn't. Next up ball joints and a wheel bearing or two. Question the oil when I drained it had like a glitter look. Not bad just like I could tell there was metal wear ... No flakes no large pieces oil was still amber on the stick. I had to look closely with a bright flashlight to see what was in there anyway. What do u all think? 20181121_203105.mp4
  14. Well I think I found the problem! I filled up the gas tank to the max for the first time finally and then smelled gas like crazy strong. Twas like da hell. Yep there is a hole in top the tank where the fill neck connects. Bet 100% that I'm getting water in there.
  15. 2000 grand am with SES light on codes as follows p0300 and p0420 ... Random missfires and Catalyst system efficiency below threshold (Bank 1) .... Both up and downstream o2 sensors have been replaced . new spark plugs wires and 1 of 2 coil packs replaced. When I first start it, it has a hard time getting idle right then its fine and drives like s dream. It does it hot or cold.
  16. Thanks I needed that hahahahahaha
  17. I've been using marvel mystery oil for two tanks now and it doesn't miss a beat. The only other thing I did has been take throttle body off and made it spotless. From what I could tell one of the vac line in the body was plugged the EGR solenoid
  18. Yes the coil are very different in the readings. The one I replaced that was dead was 30k the new one is 10k the one from pull a parts is 6k
  19. One coil pack read 10k ohms one pack reads 6k ohms physically they seem fine. It could be the housing ill have to get one to try it out. The one I have I pulled from a junk car. The one that was on the car didn't read at all out of one channel. The one I have now reads fine seems fine and I could tell someone replaced it cuz it had a sticker on it and was a different color. Doesn't really mean anything tho. Cuz you know it could have a hair line crack and a volt meter doesnt touch 60,000 volts. You know. I see what you mean about the fuel it would make since ... Since more is req to go faster. Thanks 🐜 ant
  20. 2.4l twin cam. No mass air flow. It kinda has wires (springs in boots) .. it coils are just hide from sight . Yes replaced wire set one bad coil pack and spark plugs.
  21. It kinda feels like b-b-b-b-b-b smooths out b-b-b-b-b smooths out then a little lack of power like running out of fuel then it is fine for the rest of the trip in till restarted. After that if I slow down from highway or stop at red light it misses like every few + or - 100 cly fires or every few secs
  22. This car does not have mass air flow only map and air temp. No idea about fuel trim. Only at idle and usly only at startup for a few mins or untill I get going. Every startup warm or cold. I'm starting to think fuel pump
  23. Dang truth right there
  24. Lynn5907


    Ok age old question marvel mystery oil what all does it help out when added to gas? Like just lube fuel pump or does it do more? What about added to oil .... Personally think it thins it out to much, however good at breaking crud free
  25. Yea probably ball joints and control arms bushings .. Thought so just wanted to make sure shocks wouldn't do that . I mean they will if there bad like really bad. I can align them ... Ever use a tape measure and go inner tread of tire to next inner tread on front and back of tire. I can get it in with + or - 5% according to dad machine ... Sometimes its a pain in the ass to get steering wheel straight ... If the wheel is way off then I have to use the alignment machine and contraptions .... I ask my dad these questions then I get the look of ( really ur not stupid or use ur head for something besides a hat rack ) hahaha
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