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  1. Thanks you all. YES MILES! First car that has made it here. It is amazing I've had 10 cars in my life at 32y/o ... one of witch was a 2001 Nissan Altima with the 2.4l a copy of the 240sx car engine, saying it had the potential to go over 300k. However I was 21ish and I was doing dumb things such as. Putting in R get 5-10 mph backward then slamming an auto trans in 1st gear to leave streaks. Lol. .... The point I'm at here is. The changes in driving habits that happen with age. So Ringo sixty-four, you're telling me the moon is 240,000 miles from da earth?!?!
  2. Well made it to 300,000 today with my 2000 Pontiac grand am 2.4l twin cam ... she is still running well. Thanks for the help and tips getting here. Shout out to ringo64, frosty and two lane black top
  3. Not sure how to send the video from Facebook messager, but anywho. There is this guy using a torch on a shock assembly to separate it. Of course it work, but man that spring goes flying. That guy either A: has no brains B: balls of steel.
  4. Awesomeness.... ( I'll put the antifreeze in my carburetor ) roflmao
  5. Hey now! Lol. O tho the heater hose quick disconnect did just pop. Low coolant light came on I'm like shiiittt water pump first thought .. got blessed. Fix the hoses, flushed it and refilled with new coolant. Seems good to go. Frosty I'm still surprised this engine has made it this far. The dumb guy I got it from was just cracking away hitting gas petal on old oil .. oil pressure sensor was leaking everywhere .. alt was shorted out on the motor and only two cyls were firing... talk about a bet. You every have one of them feeling that it is a good car nonetheless????
  6. O2 have been replaced up and down stream. I think it melted the cat. The upstream o2 was melted lol. When I got the car only two cylinders fired and was dumping fuel down the drain. That was 100k ago so car got lucky it survived.. it should have washed the cylinders.. even diluted oil something like that. Frosty might remember me talking about that a wile ago
  7. P0420 has been lit up for a wile just don't seem to bug the car. I bearly touch the gas to go sometimes. Great gear ratios. I can turn off the cat code to pass test then it pops up down the road in 100miles to 500. Just tryna to learn more about oils always been a thing of interest considering how close every engine is to self destruct at a moment's notice
  8. Damn! Actually thanks that's the kind of info I was hunting for. It's an oil treatment not stabilizer but it is thick so I just assumed it was a stabilizer. Did not know it was bad on the cat but the car is at 282,000 soooooo the cat is already bad and I'm trying to make it to 300k +
  9. Last Indian why do u say I'm defeating the purpose of the oil with stp. Yes I go by miles I'll never get to 3 months let alone 6 or more. I use stp for ZDDP and to help the oil so I thought. This car has a really long timing chain ... so then there is nothing as full sys oil just dino oil with packages... 700f that's a lot. Yes ur have some serious friction like a slipped crank bearing or something in that seriousness of nature...really I think 6k is good but I let it go for a while just to see and it was still amber at 9k and even 10k .... but you also ( I ) have to think that it needs a whole quart at about 4k to 5k and then every 2k after. I use walmarts full sys high mileage 5w30
  10. I use it in most cars I own because one can just tell it is better. The main reason is because it is just better quality oil it seems. Just to be clear the only improvement is constant viscosity? I still add a little STP oil stabilizer, If the bottle said use whole id use 1/3rd of it.
  11. What's the longest you all let an oil change go? I was running full synthetic oil..... 8k 10k 12k?????
  12. Ok well re did test to see max pressure.. after 7 or 8 puffs it came out to 180, 185, 185, 185... and it stayed there even if you did ten puffs
  13. Sad but true. There not at all accurate to one another, all tho some people think the king james is 99% correct. Like you said last Indian not to get all into it. I wonder where they got demon from anyways was it like scooby doo and some guy in a mask so to speak or was it for real !!!!
  14. What about dragons ?? What is you-alls thoughts there, t-rex or real fire breathing dragon heart stuff
  15. What's up you all. Yea no obvious blow by, like maybe a little steam by removing the 710 cap, but that's more than likely hot oil. The only real reason I was doing this is it still has a random miss at random times .. mainly at idle and I seen smoke one night. Someone peed me off and rode my butt like a whore in church so I floored it she when to 5800 rpm and there was some type of something that came out the back to be fair it was a fair amount. Not at all sure. When I did the compression test I only did four puffs no more or less. So the compression is really like 170 or 180 if you let it go 6 or 8 strokes. I don't know the max psi there. I'll deffo be gitten back to do a re-re-re-test. What would you say max psi should be, I know deffo no more than 200 psi Do you think I should re-re-re-test it????
  16. So I finally got around to doing a compression test. Did them cold and hot as well as throttle open and closed. The results are cylinder 1 .. 160 , 2 .. 165 , 3 .. 165 , 4 .. 165 .. seems good to me of course this is just the top of the motor. Oil pressure test next. Also seen no reason to do a wet compression test .. sorry I haven't been on here in a wile broke my phone. 2000 grand am 2.4 l ...... 272,547 miles
  17. Yes at 72 n up there is a deep bass noise that sounds like a hub when str8. I did say both wheels where in the air???? I check bearing by hand and it did seem to have play. Idk two lane other then this. There might be a small flat spot but I can feel it in car. The low track light pops on when turn sitting still
  18. Put the car up in the air and put her in drive lol. Funny thing is one tire spun and other didnt. It cool to see I differential in action. ( wish it was limited slip) . But to the point found the bearing. It wobbles. Not side to side but rather up and down. How you all figure that is?
  19. I an thinking one of the front wheel bearings however I'm having trouble find it. Symptoms are when sitting still turning the wheels the low traction light comes on. No other lights ie ABS. I know the normal things to check. The plug on the speed sensors. The bearings seem fine I don't hear the humming or tire noises at speed. If I Jack car up there is no play any direction nor do I feel any grabbing feeling or drying out sounds in the wheel hub. Any other way to check them
  20. Happy new year u all. Thanks for all the help and ideas. You all are great .. Forever Pontiac forever. Had to go there hahaha
  21. Would iridium's be better in my case .... frosty got a question. Does it really hurt to over gap a plug? I miss read the book and it said .05 I set them for .06 I reset the plugs gap from .06 to .05 and removed anti-seize from nickle plated plugs .. then was like what the hell and actually read the dielectric grease packet (n this is why u should read all manuals) turns out it is an insulator and not a conductor ... cleaned up that mess and the difference in gas mileage is crazy. I do think this is why I though the old plugs where bad to start with. Damn dielectric grease on contact points
  22. The book in the car said platinum plugs and then I go for cheapest cuz I'm poor 😥 lol. I was wondering if they where getting a little to hot myself. I changed them cuz I just change plugs like ever 30k ish
  23. Hello, nice car btw. Like frost said what have u done to it
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