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2000 Chevy Venture

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Obviously this isn't about a Pontiac or my car but its about my mom's 2000 Chevy Venture van. She said to me that she has been noticing that on long drives (2-3 hours long) on the highway (about 100 miles or more) after she gets off the highway she notices a grinding or rattling noise coming from the engine bay. Although during city driving and her daily commute to work and back she says it doesn't do this noise. Two weekends ago when we went to Tampa, I looked at it after it did this. Being in a cramped parking lot I couldn't run a complete diagnostic but I came to the conclusion that the catalytic converter could possibly be loose?

I have yet to get a long time to take a look at this but wondering what I might be dealing with? Any help is appreciated. It has the 3400 V6, the LA1 if I'm not mistaken. My mom also asked somebody at work and they said to check the break pads for bad or loose pads, I know the pads aren't bad, loose maybe not so much either.

Anywho thanks in advanced!

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Before I even finished reading this I said it was the cateler converter shield. Now afer reading the whole thing you said the same thing. lol After it heats up the sheild can rattle if its a bit loose from rust this is so normal. you can do one of two things rip it off or if it can be saved have someone throw a little weld on it.

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Climb under the car check to make sure that everything is tight. 2000 Chevy Venture -- Check the converter and get a Magna Flow unit on there 80.00 is a lot better then the factory one if it is needed. Also check the where all of the fuel lines, and wiring has routed. I have seen these come loose over time.

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Ah, typical bad GM catalytic converter.

The rattling noise is the ceramic mesh inside that fell apart. Mine did this, as does most GM V6 cars.

No SES light?

Does the car struggle under acceleration?

Is the cat glowing after driving for long periods of time?

Also, be careful. Not fixing a badly clogged will cause excessive back pressure build up and could cause top end damage.

Autozone carries a direct fit catalytic converter on the cheap, Magnaflow and Maremont make direct fit cats, Magnaflow being the better one obviously.

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