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2005 G6 Doors/Windows Problem

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Hi all, I'm new to Forever Pontiac. Anxiously seeking help. (Happy belated Thanksgiving!)

I own a 4 door 2005 Pontiac G6 GT.

Problem: Doors will not lock or unlock from the driver door control panel. Doesn't even make noise or show any attempt to work when clicking the button. The passenger door panel switch does work, but only for the 2 front doors. The rear doors to do not look or unlock unless by hand. Up until an hour ago, the driver door panel was completely useless. It wouldn't allow me to roll the windows up or down, but after messing with the boot/harness/accordian (picture attached) between the door and the car, the windows started to work again.

Question: How do I fix the door so I can unlock/lock my car using my driver door? 

I'm not extremely knowledgeable when dealing with cars, so sorry for the lack of proper lingo and what not. Also, if you use any acronyms in response, please provide what they mean in parenthesis. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you in advance :)


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Patthebaker - sorry for the long delay in responding to you. I just noticed this question and I see no one replied to that. So please forgive this delay.

Based on your description, I suspect the master switch in the driver door is the source of the problem.

Is the power window / door lock buttons on the armrest or on the door?

If it on the arm rest then it should require a flat head screw driver to gentle pop it up. Check it to make sure all the electrical connections are tight. Look for pinched or broken wires or connectors.

If the switch is on the door, then you may be able to pop it out as before or you will have to partial disassembly the door. There will several screws that you need to find and remove. Once that's done, you should be able to gently pry the screw driver between the metal door and the door's plastic cover. The cover is held in place by locating tabs that just come out when you pry on it.

I would recommend looking at YouTube videos on how to take a door apart before attempt this to give you a visual idea of what to do.

Another thing to do is consult your owner's manual. Find out where the fuse block is (most cars today its under the hood). The manual should tell what fuse that controls the power windows and door locks. You want to remove it to see if its blown.

It is possible that your master switch is bad and may need to be replaced, but I would not jump to that conclusion until you've done the other two things first.

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Does the entire system work off the key fob?   Press once to open drivers door. Press twice to unlock/lock all doors.  If you were moving the wires in the door cover and some things are now working,  I'm guessing you have a bad connection or broken wire.

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