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Wheels, rotors.. caliper paint (again)

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So in a couple weeks I might be picking up a bag of sand, sending sand and my wheels off to a shop to get sandblasted.. then painted gunmetal grey. What do we think of the sound of that change?

Next.. I'm thinking about getting drilled/slotted rotors.. thinking it'd look pretty B/A on the van..

also, I painted my calipers once before, the silver, but I did a terrible job and the paint's coming off.. thinking maybe doing it again..? I thought silver looked good, but, any suggestions?

On the lowering topic, as of right now that'll be put to a halt, I am going to stick with my stock height, we just pulled my wheels off to clean them to find out that the insides of my rear tires are pretty much gone. In a 1 inch long spot it's gone through the ply. So I need to go find new rear tires, and figure out if there are any other problems before I do any height adjustment. We're talking about doing the four wheel alignment on it, but also thinking it may be because I usually take corners a little too fast considering I weigh almost 6000 lbs haha.

So, what do you guys think of these changes? and input on the alignment?

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i thought they dont use sand anymore? isnt it baking soda/powder? the color should be great. have you found cross drilled and slotted rotors? for the calipers, degrease and wash them off. also scrub them with a wire brush and wash them or wipe them off. do an alignment if you need it.

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It's possible. I gotta talk to my buddy's uncle, he's got a shop and is going to paint up the wheels for me. The rotors, I found a set through O'reilly's.. and the calipers, I'm not sure if I wanna go silver or do gunmetal with those also. We'll see :)

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and the calipers, I'm not sure if I wanna go silver or do gunmetal with those also. We'll see :)

I'd have the calipers a different color from the wheels. Red is popular, as is body color... It just defeats the purpose (calipers standing out) to paint them the same color as the wheels. My .02

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I'm probably going to go silver again. The silver looked really good, and the body color is brown with a charcoal gray trim.. so silver is sounding good, I wanted black rims but I guess we'll see how gunmetal looks first?

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