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  1. Could be on a better cam. This is a before and after of my headers with a magnaflow catback. Just a few revs each. G8 GT exhaust This is the same one that's in my welcome thread. Just figured it belonged in here, too. Enjoy!
  2. High-revving buzzsaw that looks like an Acura NSX with vette flags on it??? No thanks. I'm a fan of speed in almost any form but compared to the current and past vettes this would be a step in a wrong direction in my eyes. Vette owners want a corvette, they want the sound of a v8. This is almost like putting a truck bed and gooseneck hookup on a mustang and expecting them to sell like hotcakes. Just my humble opinion. Flame away...
  3. That's respectable for little more than 1/3 of my motor, less a decade of technology...
  4. This could be pretty functional as well. I haven't seen it perform in a wind tunnel but I'd guess this would keep your rear window (and maybe even your bumper and trunk) a little cleaner by deflecting the wind therein preventing dirt and whatnot from attaching itself when on the highway. Oh ya, I say color match it.
  5. I say no to the stripes. If you're gonna do any painting I say color match the door mirrors.
  6. Heck ya, very clean car and not just because of its age. Makes me feel like a kid again...
  7. Welcome. I always liked the flamin chickens! LOL
  8. I'd have the calipers a different color from the wheels. Red is popular, as is body color... It just defeats the purpose (calipers standing out) to paint them the same color as the wheels. My .02
  9. Black is the fastest color!!! I'm down for a meet. I might be able to drag a few more G8's down that way as well... Not much. It almost sounds like a damned racecar and any more mods and it will start to drive and break like one so I think it's nearly done. Maybe gears or some suspension but that's lotsa moolah for me ATM... Me too!!! Thanks! Is that you Wicked??? Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!!!
  10. I'll join in on the fun.... 371 rwhp 382 rwtq
  11. One day old detail. Clicky>>> Photobucket Exhust Video -- This is my before/after headers and dyno tune. Pretty bad quality but you can still tell the difference. 57 seconds is the switch to "after".
  12. Yo, "autobot edition grand am" sent me the link to this site. I'm a member of a couple specific G8 forums and thought this one seemed pretty cool. I bought her new in March 2008 and she has about 24000 miles on her. Go mods -- Doug Thorley Tri-y headers, Magnaflow catback, Vararam intake, HSRK and custom dyno tune. Show mods -- Debadged everything except Pontiac emblems, windows tinted (30% side, 5% back) tinted side markers. Will post up pics/vids shortly...
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