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Paint work, Advice.

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Not necessarily that paint, but how else would i achieve this color shift purple.

I do not care what you think about it, how good or bad it will look. I only need opinions on how it will work, and how to do it.

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the best advice for painting rims IMO is not to..

problem is when they chip they look terrible


its what you want to do.. first thing you wanna do is clean them up real nice.. try and stay away from to many chemicals and anything with oil.. next you wanna scuff them up a bit to give something for your paint to stick to.. ive used really light grit sandpaper but i found just regular scuff pads work great

next you probably wanna fill in any holes or chips in the rim.. you can get metal repair putty.. or even just some body fill depending on how deep or bad any rim damage would be

basically once everything is prepped nice follow the instructions on the color shift kit you got.. i have worked with the dupli color stuff and it works pretty good, and lasted pretty good.. i dont know how well it would work on rims though

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might also add once you scuff up the wheel use acetone or paint thinner to clean it off with.. any dust that gets left there will cause the paint to fish eye or flake right off.. one other tip

seeing as the color shift paint is not a high heat purpose paint i would suggest using a high heat high build primer and giving that some scuff to!!

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Photobucket is being gay tonight.

Also, i should add that i hate my rims. They are stupid and i just dont like seeing them stock. So i find this to be the best looking, plus funny. Without them being lime green.

Keep the info coming.

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haha well thats the best info i can give you

pretty generic

why don't you go for some junk yard wheels though?

i think THINK now dont hold me to it but ford RWD is 5x114.3 and i pretty sure as long as you have 16 inch rims they will work because i believe GAs to have 5x115 bolt pattern?

so maybe that will help you open some options for rims?

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Anyone know of a different type of paint i can use.

I've read reviews and like 70% of people absolutely love it, where as the other 30% just hate it. I think it's user error.

And i haven't even shopped around for this stuff either. How many cans do you think I'll need? I figure I'm going to need a little more than it comes with.

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it is definatly user error..

there are very few people who know how to properly prep a surface for paint.. especially on something that is constantly changing temperature

and most people will just paint right over a perfectly smooth surface

dupli color is the only brand i have really used.

alsa corporation makes a heat sensitive paint that changes color according to temperature

i have not worked with it myself but i have seen it used on various applications

other then that i dont really know what else is available off the shelf

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