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Hi Everyone, I have a strange request.

I don't wish to break any forum rules and I PROMISE this is a one off.

I have found a tiny part for my Grand Prix (trunk lock barrel) which is only $30 but they want $80 to send it to Australia. I have tried to negotiate a cheaper non expedited UPS price but no cigar. Is anyone prepared to allow me to purchase this tiny part and send it to their US address (a PO is ideal) whereupon you could forward it to my address, through regular post?

I will of course reimburse you.

You are welcome to open and check the contents.

If this breaks any rules or there are security concerns, then I'll happily delete this request. I know I'm tight, but this is one purchase I can't justify such exorbitant cost for such a tiny 2 ounce item. I CANNOT locate this exact item anywhere else (I found one on eBay for $300!!!), as it has a specific casting that allows it to attach to the rear trunk panel and is not just a lock barrel.

Thanks, Fitzy.

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Don't worry. It does not really break any rules as you are not selling the item, you're just looking for help to obtain it. Especially, during these extraordinary times we live in now, I have no reason to prevent this from moving forward.

Obviously, same restrictions/warnings go out to all involved in this dealing as we place on the Classifieds section. Forever Pontiac is not responsible, nor warrants any actions/results taken by any party in a transaction such as this. The parties involved in the transaction will assume full responsibility for any costs, mishaps, fraud, etc...


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Thanks Ringo. It's a bizarre and frankly, embarrassing request and I'm not expecting any response. I'm simply incensed as to the ridiculous postage AND the fact the supplier refuses to adapt, in the name of customer service.

I just need ONE American friend to help out. Obviously, there are potential security concerns, etc but the risk is 99% mine.

I'll eventually crumble and pay their ridiculous postage, and shall then continue to whine about it for months afterwards, but I'll spare the forum my pain, I promise.

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