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im looking into buying some ws6 snowflake 15x8 wheels for my 84 grand prix. there is a complany that widens wheels and im going to have them at 2" to the width. 1' outside 1' inside so they will be a 10" wide wheel with 5.5" backspace. i have a 600 horsepower stroked 400 and i want to know if i can trust these wheels to handle the torque when i launch on the strip. the company stands behind their welding and machining so it could care less if their modifications break. i just want to be safe to know that 40 yr old cast aluminum will stay together. 

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Ringo64    306

If there's a single doubt in your mind, especially for any racing, go with a good quality replica. All the looks, no wondering about old material and safety. Plus you're not hacking up some classic wheels to boot.

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Frosty    482

Personally I would spring for a new wheel with the correct  offset spacing you are looking for. Then there is no doubt that it is one piece (assuming it is a single piece casting or forging) and that it should not break. Further, the old wheels can be sold to someone who is restoring their car to help offset the cost of the new wheels. I would rather pay to have peace of mind.

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      Kept stock size but in the process of going with another wheel lost 20lbs per wheel so overall 80lbs loss on the car

      BF Goodrich T/A tires and Sports Edition A10 wheels.

      Heard mix reviews about the wheels so am going to try them out.

      Had a fun experience with the installer. One wheel was damaged on the installer receiving it but they didn't think to unwrap them before I got there last week so they wasted a good hour of my life just waiting for that last week. Thanks, Tire Kingdom. Tire Rack was quick on sending out a replacement though which I was happy about.
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