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  1. Spin it all you want. If it were a business decision I wouldn't take business advice from the government nor GM. It's plain & simple if it were just business. You have Chevrolet as your entry division. Economical cars w/4 cyl. engines & a model w/opt V6 & a truck w/ V8. Next you'd have Pontiac as the performance/sport division. Sporty 2 door cars, turbo &/or quad 4's, V6 & V8 engine offerings. And leave the luxury to King Cadillac. 3 choices. No need for Buick or GMC trucks. They wouldn't do that because it makes sense. Pontiac should have been spun off in the 60's as an independent car company.
  2. I put my Trans Am in the garage and covered it.(gotta get an opener) Sits next to my convertible. I think I'll take my GXP down to my garage and leave the house garage open for my Sunfire this winter. This 3 stall garage is huge. Going to be a great place to store my 'war chest'.
  3. I just landed a 3-stall garage w/electric to store a few of my rides for the winter months. I had one rented for the convertible but now I have a place to keep it and the Trans Am together. My GXP stays at my home garage with my Sunfire in the driveway.
  4. I do. Fortunately for me his garage and his nephews body shop are walking distance from my house. I get to wrench all I want to save on costs. I'll even run for my own parts.
  5. Got to get 'er up to 120! Let it rip for about 2 miles_awesome rush. I had a 1990 Grand Prix coupe that I used to set the cruise @ 110 & only 2500 RPM. I have a sister in Ann Arbor so I've used US 23 many times. I'd head back to PA early Sunday morning while everybody was either in church or still in bed. I'd set the cruise at 110 & be home in about 3 hours.
  6. US 23 north between Toledo, OH and Ann Arbor, MI is a great stretch of highway to test your ride as well as 422 west here in Butler, PA. The GXP at 120 MPH did not feel like I was doin' 120. The Trans Am_ I felt every bit of that 120. The GXP with it's 113 inch wheel base & 18 inch rims Vs 101 w/b & 16's. Don't get me wrong I love my Trans Am. But my GXP has got that "mmmhmm" factor on interstates & highways.
  7. While the GXP does not have the head snapping torque of the Trans Am, it's 1998 Vs 2008 technology. I've had both up to 120 MPH and the GXP was quieter and rode better than the T/A. However the T/A's grip of the road overall was MUCH stiffer at this speed. Both are one helluva ride!
  8. I had my 2008 G6 GXP coupe out today. GM certainly made a huge mistake(again) by letting Pontiac die instead of Buick. This is the finest driving Pontiac I have ever owned. I've owned or own a Trans Am, Grand Prix's, Grand Am's, Fiero's, Sunbird's and even a 6000STE. The G6 out shines/out performs them all. Quiet, smooth, responsive are just a sampling of the words I use to describe my driving experience as well as "Hot damn!" Pontiac go it all right with this car.
  9. I've learned thru years of experience that when you go to the beach better make sure you've got at least one book that's over 750 page to read you know_in case of liquid sunshine!
  10. I've tried that trick_ one book at a time & it works. But try packing all those books in your suitcase plus clothes and have it weigh less than 50 lbs so I don't charged $100 bag fee because my bag weighed '52' pounds. I'll stick with my Kindle thanks! BTW_ I still support my local library .
  11. BTW. I have an amazon.com/cloud account. Everything is automatically saved to my cloud_ music, books, photos, video etc. accessible any time from any browser. My cloud is never lost or wet or cracked or dropped
  12. Wow. Such a fire storm just because I read books on a Kindle at the beach . Ever read Truman by David McCullough? It's over 900 pages. Along with 900 pages it weighs about 10 lbs. Yeah you try luggin that thing to the beach and see how fast you'll switch. I'm in Florida for 6 weeks every winter so I read plenty. Average about 3/4novels/books per trip. I need my Kindle for that reason.
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