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Replacement Bumper Cover and Passenger Fog Light

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Last winter, I must have hit a huge pot hole because I noticed a little crack on the bottom of my bumper cover. I tried using some kind of glue substance and calking to repair it the best I could because my car is white. It work temporarily, but never really stayed put.

This past winter, between driving and maybe parking against some snow banks it must of pushed and cracked it real bad beyond repair so now I need a new or replacement one for my 02 GT. As the cracking got worse, I noticed I lost the passenger side fog light as well.

I'm hoping that I can try to get these items at a junkyard, but I'm worried with how it's going to be taking off the old bumper cover and putting the new one on, as well as installing the new fog light.

I've tried looking at diagram type pictures, but a lot of them are hard to understand. How is it installing these things and if I'm unable to find a matching bumper cover, where's the best place to find one that can be painted without spending a whole lot of money and that will be a perfect fit? Also, how are the fog lights to install?

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I have no experience with a Grand Am but a lot of these modern cars are just clips and some bolts so shouldn't be too hard. One of the GA guys will be able to give you better instruction;)

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hopefully you can find the goodies at a junkyard. as Ringo said, bumpers have mostly clips/pushpins and bolts/screws. your GA may be very similar to my G6 but im not sure on that so adjust accordingly. pop open your hood and look at where and how the bumper attaches to the car, the G6 has a two-piece type of pushpins there. on the bottom its attached to the splash guard with screws and a few tree type of pushpins. and the the wheel liner, very few tree type pushpins and very few screws. you undo all of those and pull out and done. the fogs would most likely be snapped in.

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The best advice I give anyone is to invest in a shop manual for your specific car. My personal preference is to get a real GM manual, but sometimes that is not readily available. The next best thing is to get either a Chilton or Haynes manual. All three have lots of illustrations for assembly/disassembly plus the step-by-step instructions. It is money well spent.

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