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New tires for my torrent

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Not looking for super fancy just reliable and safe. I do drive quite a bit as I am in direct sales and the ones on there now have been LOUD for the last 2 years.

I need all season for sure and something that doesn't fall short in the winter. I live on a country road in southwestern ontario, Canada so getting out of my driveway would be great.
I have looked at so many online and just don't know what to purchase.

Where I want to take my vehicle, he is suggesting cooper cs touring or Hercules roadtour xuv

I just want good safe tires that will last.

HELP :) Please!!

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Define "that will last" in terms of kilometers or miles please. I've owned Coopers on my Avalanche that have lasted 70,000 miles since I do a lot of highway driving.

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Honestly? I am a mom of 2 that travels a lot!! I just don't want to have to replace them next year again or have any issues.
"that will last" means I won't have to replace them any time soon.

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BF Goodrich makes some really good AT tires. I had them on my old Ranger and they lasted so long they started to dry rot before they got to the wear bars! haha

Maybe check them out?

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The Hercules tire and Cooper tire that he described are the exact same tire as they are made by Cooper so I would go with which ever is more cost effective.

have had good results with:

BF Goodrich






I have had crap results with




Look around Discount tire's website to give you ideas about ratings for your specific tire they have been fairly reliable.

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Speaking as a fellow GWNer ... Quebec went to obligatory winter tires a few years back ... and it's the smartest thing they've ever done. I'll happily drive 4 season tires in winter on a small fwd car ... but the moment you put ABS on a vehicle, 4 seasons in snow is a deathwish. You have to recall, ABS works by turning your brakes off for a split second to allow your tires to regain grip. That split second becomes an eternity when the tires completely fail to find any.

Personally, I recommend what I put on my old Transport. Toyo Observe GO-2 on a set of jobber rims for winter. That lets you go for a superior summer tread for the other three seasons instead of trying to make one tire fit all conditions.They all wear evenly since you're pretty well forced to rotate the tires very couple of seasons... and it doesn't really cost any more in the long run since you'll save money on gas during the summer, and be able to go with a harder compound that will wear better in the heat. Add to that, many garages will store your off season set for you so it doesn't even take any more space.

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