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18" AT Italia Inox Rims


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Not sure if anyone here will be interested but I figured I'd post it up here as well since I think some Grand Prixs had similar rim sizes as the 5th gen Grand Ams and these rims might be a better fit for a GP even.

I hate to do this after all the time/money I've put into them but I really need the cash and my future modding interests have shifted more to my G8.

Please note, the original hub bore on these was for an RX7 (I forget the original measurement) but I had them bored out to 70.3mm (GA size.) I have not had the money to put tires on these to verify they will fit on the GA without any rubbing but my calculations have left me optimistic that they should. You may need hub spacers with these if you are lowered. I have tested them without tires and they fit the hub perfectly.

I really don't have the resources to ship these so if you absolutely want them and need them shipped, you'll have to cover the costs. If you're in the Sacramento, CA area though I am willing to meet up.

If you're a member of this forum just let me know your username and I'll knock $100 off the price for you.

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The rules require you to post an image with your username and product. Not trying to be that guy, but I have to lol

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I need to take another pic anyway since I think I measured the width wrong. I'm pretty sure they are only 8" wide so I'll post a pic of me measuring it (with my username) to own up to my mistake. Probably won't be until tomorrow though since work kept me late today.

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Yeah, I bought them for the GAGT since they are my favorite rim for this car. I might still keep them though now that I know they aren't 9" wide like I thought. I can actually swap my current rubber over to these now so the cost to put them on the car just dropped dramatically. Rather than buying new tires and paying to get them mounted/balanced, all I'll need to pay for is the swap, mount and balance. Still, I don't have the spare cash for something that isn't a necessity yet so I figure if someone wants to buy them, then I'll be willing to sell. If not, then I'll be putting them on the GAGT like I had always planned...

Also, if these did fit the G8, I'd probably find the money to put them on right away. Too bad the 18"s wouldn't fit over the Brembos and the rest of the sizing is all wrong...

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