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Guya dont laugh but...


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Im investing into a MIATA! I think it'll be cool as shit, but thats just me. My mom's new fiance is going to help since he actually makes good money and has his racing license somehow and is a car guy. So were going to go to some auctions. Anyways when i get it im doing an engine overhaul, turbo, suspension, paint, and i dont know what else. Heres the end result i'm looking for


I think it's sexy

So to the guys who knows about turbos I will need some advice soon

Ill be buying the crank, pistons (forged), rebuild kit connecting rods and cams from here


Also one of these Shanghai-S series turbos


hopefully my end result is 220-320 HP and yes I know that is a big gap but I'll do some research to see what ill end up with.

Soooooo what do you guys think?

Besides it'll be alot of money lol

i forgot im beefing up the trans work

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I actually think that miatas can be nice little weekend cars. I love light cars with big power. Especially roadsters. Reminds me of the atom. I would do a LS swap on one though. LS1 in there would be insanly awsome.

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I wanted an LS swap but its soooo expensive look


that was my first want, but i dont want to spend that much on just conversion parts, but i want a weekend/track car for fun

one of my big questions is

Once I turbo the car do I have to put a huge cannon for an exhaust on it because of back pressure or can I have a Magnaflow exhaust? Or is it better to get a thrush turbo exhaust?

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I would have a custom 3" exhaust made with a magnaflow muffler. No fart can, and I have heard thrush turbo mufflers shond like garbage, but that is on Saturns so you never know. I woould get on a miata forum.

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  • Founders

I think I'm more amazed in your grammar for the first part than you wanting a Miata :lol2:

Anywho they're not bad cars and they aren't bad prices either, I see them for $3-5k around me all the time. Just building one and finding one in good shape will be your battle. I would say go for the LS swap if anything, that's what I've always wanted to do to a small roadster like this.

The pictured Miata, isn't bad the front bumper is gay as aids though, unless the rear is something similar its a fairly ok looking car. Just don't go hellaflush on us now ;)

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I put tgt pick because of the color and color of the rims tgats tge color i want done....n jim ur just a hater my grammer is...ok

Engrish preaze? ;) jk

Oh and who the F is Guya???

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Alex.

On a serious forum, your grammar makes or breaks you as far as how the regulars will want to help you, and take you seriously.

And that is just the way it is.

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I meant guys dont hate the player hate webster

Wha??? ;) you'z a funny mofo... I like you (NOHOMO) no matter how craptastic you type!

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LOL what the hell is going on in here?

Miata's are cool. I never liked the way they looked, until the brand new ones came out and I rather like the new look.

See! It looks so happy!


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  • 3 months later...

I owned an 89 Miata for a few years, fun car. Every Girl I met wanted to drive it, had alot of fun teaching some of them to drive a stick. I would say keep it mostly stock, and have FUN with it. They are good auto crossers, and easy to work on. If not heavelly modified they even have good resale value!!!!!

I do prefer the early series cars looks, and I have never warmed up to the newer Mazda's happy faces, but you should have a good time with it.

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