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  1. very nice ride. wish i could have one as a dd. loving the 5 spokers you got as well. these things look awesome in silver and red too
  2. nice lookin car minus the graphics but they seem to flow
  3. apparently i forgot to post the vid of my sound clip haha
  4. looks more aggressive. i like those better. i know how you are tho. lol.. We'll see how long you keep these.
  5. haha... CAM goes in TODAY.. stoked for it.. 400crank was too slow lol
  6. nice little touch i was looking for something like that
  7. wow just realized that was 2 yrs back
  8. lol wasnt there a bmw on one of the other pages? or did i miss something hahah
  9. thnx for the comments. like i said. im not doing anything to the cavy. gets me to work.the gym.. and gets over 30 mpg.. goat gets like 15 and 20 idc wtf the cavy looks like. interesting enough i get compliments on it from everyone.
  10. my bad thought i added the right pic. i guess i didnt. here it is as far as the cavy im not changing a thing. the paint job is on the roof and trunk as well as the hood. it would look silly with the hood all red at this pt. plus its just a dd.
  11. hmmm been awhile since i updated.. made a few updates to the goat. got the fuel rail covers painted front SAP grills painted and the black wheels painted the rear valence the same satin black as the sap's and filled in the letters and i bought this as a dd. a bit ricey for me but it gets decent mpg and keeps miles off the goat also just got EDC custom cam w/pushrods lunati gold valve springs new timing chain l92 oil pump new timing chain dampener all that is going on the goat here shortly
  12. u dont have to be a photographer.. just seems lazy to me. if u have the time to snap a pic. how hard is it to go to a parking lot or something?
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