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So... i want to put HIDs in the wifes 2002 Cavilier. I know it is a 9007 Dual Filiment bulb.

My question is this...

We have DRLs and she does too. So is there a bypass that i would have to do in order for her HIDs to function properly.

Valid? i know you have a J-Body!

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Well the HIDs in my factory G6 housings work great!

Also i found out about the DRL... it is a wire that needs to be grounded from the BCM (no fuse).

Anyways... Any J-Bodies have input?

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My buddy has an 00 Cavalier with 5000K HIDs in the stock housings, the set from DDM tuning. I'll ask him how he grounded his DRLs, it's the same body as your 02.

But HIDs make such a big difference. If they're not projectors, USE 35W BULBS.

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Purchased the 9007 (hi/lo) 35watt from DDM

I created a user on j-body.org and posted this

Ok i am a noob here but i have modified many cars. The 02cav is my wifes and i want to put the HIDs in her car and i have been reading and searching here for the tips and tricks and problems that others have had.

Now i know i need to disable the DRLs. I got that from this linky...


Now my second question is do i HAVE to purchase the relay? I have installed HIDs on my 07 G6 and i did not need it, i put them in my brothers Ion3 (9007 hi/lo just like the cav) and my sisters RAM. There were differing instructions about this relay but i never used one and never had issue.

As for the insall i bought the 9007 Hi/Lo DDM Tuning slim balasts. I also read here that the red wire is for the HI and the black is for the Ground and the blue is for the Low.

Once i install them are there any other issues i should look out for or have i covered all my bases?

Thank You


Did i cover my bases? Or do i sound like a Noob-a-saurs

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Well 5-7 business days and We will have an install thread.

Oh and i ordered a secod set for my grandma's cobalt.

Oh the problems with knowing about cars... Lol

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Ha, sorry I didn't see this sooner! I'm actually working on a headlight project for my Sunfire right now. However with said project I will basically be building new headlights from scratch with HIDs and projectors. My friend with a Cavfire has aftermarket headlights (the Cavalier end is the front) with both HIDs and projectors. He's the one helping me out with my project.

Here's a link to what I'm going with: http://www.ddmtuning.com/Products/Apexcone-Raptor-HID-Kit

What did the JBO guys tell you?

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