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I’m thinking of putting in a man pedal.

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I have been having a lot of problems keeping my transmission holding together. I’ve built a 700r4 and smoked it the first week. Took it out and sent it back in and the upgraded the internals and I put it back in. Took it out this afternoon and I made sure 100% the tv cable has PLENTY of pull. I have an extra spring on the end of the cable and it still shifts “greasy” NOT firm. I’ll pull it AGAIN and make sure the pump is not leaking somewhere... but I now have the opportunity/option to buy a NV833 or A833 4 speed. Has anyone done this swap. I’m probably going to make this change.. any desire for me to document this change?? I’d love the feed back if you have any!! Thank you 🙏 

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We have 2 69 Fb's, one with a 4 speed muncie, one with a 700R4 overdrive with a tight 2200 stall convertor.. I love driving the Muncie equipped 4 speed, shifting the gears, selecting when I want to change the rpm level, and such. My wife hates the manual car, and loves her car with the 700R4. Her car will white smoke the tires for long ways, has crisp shifts, and at 70 mph is turning about 2000rpm. Both cars have 3.55 rear end gears. With her 700r4 she has the equivalent of a 4.20 rear end gear in 1st gear, and a 2.56 rear gear equivalent in 4th. Best of both worlds. 

The cars have different power levels, but I suspect the 700r4 would be faster at the drag strip as it allows a continuous transmission of power, as compared to a manual that has to release and re-engage the engine at shift points, and traction issues related to hooking it up each time.

It sounds as you need a better transmission builder for your 700r4. Properly built, they work great. Hers has been to the drag strip with drag radials and held up well. 

With the manual, remember there are a lot of items to maintain. Clutches are designed to wear out, so expect to replace it on occasion. 

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