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Hi guys been looking all over and can't seem to find the coolnet temp sencer on the mortar.I know on a chevy it it is on the drivers side block wanted to change it and put a new one in..

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One of two places. Most often it's on the driver's side head or on the intake manifold (in the second photo below its on the passenger side).




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Thanks Frosty thought it would be in one of those places but turns out who ever had the car before never put one in they plugged the one on top and nothing on the side of the manifold. Went to change the thermostat  and seems they never put one in there either not sure why.


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Does you car have a temperature gauge or just some sort of idiot light? f it has even an idiot light, it must have a temp sensor somewhere. The plug on the intake manifold looks like the factory original plug. Out of curiosity, did you check the passenger side head too?

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this is the only thing left on top of the manifold it scews in and has a rubber cap on top of it.Wondering if I can use any of the plugged holes to add a temp senser and using a gage?


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