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  1. hope not think I will have to drop the steering wheel unscreww the speedometer cluster and change it out.. hoping anyway..
  2. lol guess so must of been like that for a while but everything is brighter in back now.Now the only thing left is switching out the fuel gauge.I had the orignal sending unit rebuilt and they said they traced it to now the gauge have another one so looks like a winter projecy
  3. was just the left side I started to look more into it and decieded to switch the wires and boom it worked. why the wires were switched I don't know but even the lights on that side were brighter .
  4. Hey Frosty another question .Was out to show yesterday and friend told me that right rear brake light wasn't working so checked it out I put in a new socket and bulb and light worked and turn signal worked but brakes still didn't the left side was fine any ideas? I put in a 1157 bulb.
  5. Got that fixed with a new altenator but had to get a battery also fried it.. Now another quick question wanna lower my steering colume thought last summer seen the body guy do it by un screwing the 4 bolts at about middle of it is that right? Wanna drop it to get at the speedo cable and lube it
  6. lets hope not but guess it cooked when it was running at 18.6
  7. Got the new altenator in and running about 13.6 but then yesterday battery was dead so charged it up put a meter on it running 13.6 also felt funny so checked the battery fluid and two cells were dry figuring I cooked it with bad altentor took to have cheked and sure enough cooked like a goose.Got the new battery running 13.5 and with a load went to 14.5 is that about right or something going on.The only thing I haven't changed was the voltage regulator
  8. while putting in the altenator just feeling the wirig and felt kind of hard thought might time to change it.Looked at the sight and they have to full harness for the engine from starter altentator and voltage all one harness
  9. put in a new altenator and it is running aound 14.5 didn't put in the voltage regulator but thought I would since I bought a new one.Wondering where I fifn the altenator harness or even new voltage regulator harness figuring the next thing to go is starter
  10. thats true but from I have noticed it has just sat for a long time thats why the door panels and dash pad was so bad moisture took it's toll
  11. Yea sounds like it most likely what I was smelling the altenator burning up so went ahead and ordered new one and also new regulator just to cover my basses.But kind of figured as I am driving it more the old stuff is going bad never know how long they have been on
  12. Something new I hope you can help with.Finally got the car out and used it alot over the 4th weekend. And was getting like a burning wire smell not bad but was there.So today I figured I would check the battery and ALT.Battery was around 12.8 not running.so turned the car on to check the ALT and found it up around 18.8 and only on a few minutes and could even touch it was so hot.Not sure how old it cause it came with the car.I see it as over charging and frying out now it shouldn't be this high even battery was up around the 18.5 mark .Time to change it?
  13. looks like I lucked out pulled the car and figured what the heck and tried it again before I pressing in the center but this tis time pressed the bottom side and poof the top went down.And with the 40amp fuse went down pretty fast.Pretty sure it is the switch but now I got all summer to put a new one in.
  14. that answers it Frosty ..just was wondering if I could discount the wiring without taking the switch out.And connect it to toggle switch to check if the motor is the problem but if it woprks then the switch is the problem
  15. just off hand do you how the switch goes in does it plug into the harness or is all one unit
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