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  1. Hey guys hope everyone is staying healthy..Not for me this time but for my brother who has a 68 skylark.He is trying to disconnect his wiring on his steering column to replace his steering wheel .He says it should have to go though the bottom of the column but doesn't know if it plugs into the wires going to fuse box or if he can disconnect it elsewhere..Any help would be great Thanks Terry
  2. looking at the wire and looks like they didn't plug it in for some reason so plugged it in went from full to empty to 1/4 tank can that wire be grounded or is it a seperate wire for the ground
  3. Did all that checked the ohm's and hooked a fuel gage up it and works fine when bench testing but once he dropped it into the tank he sais no power to the unit
  4. Do have the orginal sending unit that was rebuilt.Do have power going all the to wires at the unit but when pluged in doesn't work.Did take it back to the gage guy he benched tested and said it was working but watched and he moved it by hand thinking he he was forcing the float to go from empty to full and when inside the weight of the gas isn't letting it work right.
  5. Hi they did and has power to the gage when key is on but when plug into the sending unit stays at fuel he thinks maybe the float is bad and won't move
  6. Been fighting with the sending unit the garage says it is bad the guy that rebuilt tested it and was good garage says has power fuel gage works but he said when he plugs into the sending unit won't work not sure what is going om
  7. yes have the assembly manual will have to check.. here are some pic's of the new dash
  8. Thanks Frosty would that also go for the fuel gage? new board and rebuilt fuel gage and still not working there is a brown/tanish wire that we didn't hook up and wondering if that could be it.Pic coming looks like a new interior.Got everything else working even have the heater working now,,,,
  9. Hey frosty yes I needed the basic dash the one with gages will not fit..But here is the question now I have the dash out and new one being installed plus the insturment panel is out and replacing the circuit board .I had the fuel gage restored also but no wondering the fuel gage run off the board or does a wire go to it also.We found a brown wire hooked to it and wondering if someone tried to jump wire it .I did notice on the board there was a burn mark where it was bad and now think maybe that wire burned the boad. Thanks Terry
  10. here ate the pics of the panels.. putting in the dash next
  11. I found one on e-bay and says standard and not for extra gages and not sure what they mean
  12. Hey guys yea do some bussiness with Franks they are really good .Got my interior panels from him then had them painted need to get pics to show you.But would rather have new electronic stuff.I have them ordered but the back log is taking for ever not holding me from driving just the interior lights and fuel gage.Finally got a sending unit and had it rebuilt so looks like either it isn't getting power or the gage is bad..
  13. Hey guys just wondering if there is anothe place besides OPGI to find a circuit board..Ordered one in early July and still on back order.Had one on e-bay but won't work for my 69 Bonneville Thanks Terry
  14. Hey Frosty will be sending pics of the door panels and dash pad just waiting for an opening so my autobody guy put the dash in for me.But in the mean time took the car in and had a new heater core put in plus a rebuilt fuel sending unit in.Have a problem though seems the gas gage isn't working he thinks it is either bad or wiring is goofed up and wants he to give the whole cluster to him when I have the pad off.But I reached in behind the cluster and felt around and seem there is no wires to the fuel gage. And wondering if you happen to know which color wires go there?I seen a few wires hangin
  15. Think i found it.Looks like a channel that the stop slides down with a bolt at the botton.I was kind in hurry because the car was going over to have the fuel sending unit out in.I did lossen it but the window still stooped figuring that after sitting there for 50yrs might need some wd40 to help it along plus I noticed two bolts at the top holding it in place may have to drop the channel down
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