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  1. Hey Frosty will be sending pics of the door panels and dash pad just waiting for an opening so my autobody guy put the dash in for me.But in the mean time took the car in and had a new heater core put in plus a rebuilt fuel sending unit in.Have a problem though seems the gas gage isn't working he thinks it is either bad or wiring is goofed up and wants he to give the whole cluster to him when I have the pad off.But I reached in behind the cluster and felt around and seem there is no wires to the fuel gage. And wondering if you happen to know which color wires go there?I seen a few wires hanging there but not sure.I can get at it without pulling the whole thing out...Thanks
  2. Think i found it.Looks like a channel that the stop slides down with a bolt at the botton.I was kind in hurry because the car was going over to have the fuel sending unit out in.I did lossen it but the window still stooped figuring that after sitting there for 50yrs might need some wd40 to help it along plus I noticed two bolts at the top holding it in place may have to drop the channel down
  3. I think I found it.there is a bolt at the bottom fron part of the door and it looks like a stop on the window that goes down a channel and at the bottom of channel it is solid and seem that when roll the window down it stops there so gonna take the bolt out and see if that channel slips out the way.Hope it works... oh yea found a fuel sending unit and had it rebuilt gonna have it installed tommorrow..
  4. I tried to feel all over and just can't find it.. have found the stop at the top of the door but not the bottom ..
  5. door panels are off and waiting to have new carpet put on them so replacing the window felts.. and can't get the window to lower enough to get to the screws.On u tube they keep showing the bolt in the center od the door that is slotted and to just either loosen or take it off and the window will go down farther to get to them.But when I did it wouldn't go any more then waht it did before.I reached inside and there isn't any stop seems like it more of an adjustment slot.Felt around more and can't seem find where it might be located.I figure on U tube they are showing a different door then from a B body ..Looked and yep they are showing a G body.
  6. Just took the panels to have the carpet on the bottoms replaced.Surpized how good they came out after being painted.Am now repplace the felt strips but the problem is I can'r lower the window enough.I thought the bolt was the one where it is slotted so loosened and even took it out but the window didn't go any farther..Is a bolt on the botton of the door the one?U tube keeps showing the slotted hole..
  7. They were really good and helpful.I seen them on their site and they said to e-mail for an enlarged pic and sure enough a hrs later got it.They detailed everything right and wrong with them and told me anything can be dyed or painted.Went a head and ordered them and they were sent the same day got them and packaged nice.Have only one small tear aonf the side of one but can fix that with some epoxy
  8. Hey frosty just an up found some really good panels at Franks Pontiac and then new panel carpet at Ames gonna have a guy dye them along with the dash pad I got ..
  9. Hey Frosty how ya doing.. having a guy who os going to look at panels.. but was wondering .I am going to put new door strikers on the doors and is there a nut behind or onw that is spot welded so when I un screw them is doesn't fall down and lose them?
  10. Great thanks Frosty looked at the SEM sight and looks like I can even get a repair kit if I can't find someone that will do it might give it a shot myself over the winter
  11. Hi Frosty hoping your having a good holiday. Did take the panels to Clover and they had them all that time.Have found a couple od of other that I am going to check out.But have found some panels but my question can the molded panels be dyed or even painted??
  12. Hi Frosty yea tried Just Dashes last year just for the dash pad it 1500 plus shipping.Have started to look around more and have found a few places that I can talk to them about it.Pretty sure you are right they were hungry enough in March then not so much as they got busy.Yes car guys are pretty nice and honest and most enjoy to help others.
  13. Hi Frosty that is basically what I thought.Just to look around and find someone to do it.Last spring went to one even brought him the panel and told if they can't be recovered how going with a custom job and then match the carpet and seats.He had them for around 2 months then told he was to busy.Pretty sure al they do re cover seats and such.So this winter will try a few more people in my area.They are kind of bad mainly the plastic is cracked seats are getting worn.Did find a decent dask pad and going to see about getting it dyed.Have a great Turkey Day.
  14. Thanks Frosty just hoping iy would fit.Always thought a convertable was a longer car.
  15. Hi guys..I have a 69 bonneville convertable in need of interior work and a couple of places I went cannot do my door panels mainly because they are molded .I seen where I can get the door panel but are black and can get them dyed.My question is will a 4 door panel fit my convertible? thanks
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