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  1. Just wondering if the Bonneville and Catlina would be considered class A body?
  2. Hey Frosty think your right the regulator doesn't look to bad and bought a kit that might work to rebuild. It is sham though the bonnevile and Catalina were really nice cars back in the day
  3. Hi again Frosty to be honest hard to believe that parts for the 69 Bonneville are hard to come by.Back in the day growing up it was one of hottest cars that being said think I am just going to try to take the old one out clean it up and rebuild it.Did e-mail Franks with no luck anther winter project ..
  4. Hi Frosty I went and had the Q-jet completely rebuilt. bead blasted plated with all new components .Good point about all new hoses from the tank up .Haven't put it on yet most likely a winter project.
  5. Hi guy am currently looking for window regulators for left back window. And wondering if any other year is compatible with my 69 bonneville.Seen a couple of them at Franks pontiac but are for a 68 and another for 67.My thinking is that they were made for a few years on different cars. Thanks Terry
  6. Hi guys just trying the find the right name for a part .Just had my Q-jet rebuilt and wanting to replace the fitting that screws into the back of the carb that is used as the a valve for the power brake booster and if by chance where to buy a new one ..Thanks Terry
  7. this is the only thing left on top of the manifold it scews in and has a rubber cap on top of it.Wondering if I can use any of the plugged holes to add a temp senser and using a gage?
  8. Hi guy was doing some maintance on my 69 bonnevile like putting in a thermostat that was never there when I bought the car and was running good before that. Last nite I wanted to check for leaks and make sure it opened up.All of sudden it started to stumble and spitting out gas from the sides and fumes or smoke came out also and flooded out.Waited a little and tried to start it again but only did the same thing.It is a Q-jet and it is orginal so wondering if it just died on me and need a new carb. The only other thing I did was change out the valve check that in other cars was connected to the vlave cover but on this car was in the manifold..any thoughts?/ Thanks Terry
  9. Thanks Frosty thought it would be in one of those places but turns out who ever had the car before never put one in they plugged the one on top and nothing on the side of the manifold. Went to change the thermostat and seems they never put one in there either not sure why.
  10. Hi guys been looking all over and can't seem to find the coolnet temp sencer on the mortar.I know on a chevy it it is on the drivers side block wanted to change it and put a new one in..
  11. Hi guys.I am trying to replace my furring trim on my door panels.U tube has shown that you can loosen one of the bolts slide it down some and your windows will drop enough to get at the screws.I have tried that and doesn't seem to work.But does look like if I roll my window up it hits a stop.Wondering if I take the bolt out will the window roll up higher to get at the screws to the strips? thanks for any help Terry
  12. Hi guys I am trying to replace my window trim felts and running into a problem. took the door panel off and rolled the window down to get to the felt.And I tried to loosen the screw that I thought would let me lower the window more to get to the screws but would only come down maybe 1/8th more. They say it should of came of came down as it was suppose to be the screw for the window stop.I felt all around and couldn't feel any kind of stop .Anyone have any tips on where it might be or rhe best way to get the window down another 1/2 inch or so.. Thanks Terry
  13. Hi guys just wondering of anyone might know how to lower the windows enough to replace the side fur trims They were showing on U tube but it was from a chevy and when I tried it didn't work. Was about lowering the window stop enough to get at the screws Thanks Terry
  14. Hi guys have a quick question I am finally going to have my interior restored and found a company that does this. I have looked and cannot find door panels for a 69 Bonneville so our best bet is to have them customized somewhat. I took them off so he could make a mock up of one to see if I like the style and going to clean up the inside but now for the question. My door handles to open the door swing back and forth and not up and down like a different car I once had can these be modified to up and down. The reason I am asking is the old door panels the handle sites inside what I call a cup .Or if I get a new arm rest molding and a the different style of handle if that will work.
  15. Hi guys am goping to replace my parking light warning switch since the old one is pretty bad and my brake light stays on. any way the wire is broken off from what ever is left of the switch and my question is does the wire that goes to the switch go to back o9f the fuse box or elsewhere? The wire is old and kind of brittle so thought I would change that out also.Thanks for any help Terry
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