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No it won't work !! Gauge is a 60 psi and 0-30 ohms !! Sender is specific to that particular gauge and is not being reproduced. I have found an outlet for one,

but pricey at $ 140.00 may have to bite the bullet on this one ! Also on the back of the oil gauge and water temp gauge there is no markings to what terminal is 

positive/sender and what is Ground .

Thanks for your help really appreciate it !!

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I suggest you call Inline Tube and ask some serious questions about this "simple fix". I have purchased many of their components. They are restoration nuts!!!! Their parts are top notch.





INL11894- 1964-78 GM Oil Pressure Sending Unit Plastic Step Washer. NOT Sending Unit 1pc.    $5.50 +S&H

This is for the plastic washer not the sending unit. This is for the very expensive ($500-800) GM sending unit that is used on all GM cars from around 65-75 and good used ones or NOS ones are impossible to find. NOW YOU CAN FIX YOURS.

The original unit had a fiber washer that after 40 years of heat and oil exposure is usually broken or gone and the unit is grounded out so it does not work. This is a fast simple fix.

This is a new plastic step washer so the unit will not ground out and the original wiring boot will snap over the step in the washer. This is a unit saver - i have saved many units with this small part.

This is an exact inline tube reproduction made identical to the originals out of heat resistant plastic.

These are the details that separate the first place cars from the rest.


64-79 Pontiac all V8 models

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I'll give them a call I have some other questions about some Pontiac parts! Like does anyone make a thermostat housing with a built in bung for a temp sending unit?

Probably will have to have this cu$tom made !!


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I will have to check and get back to you on that. It is more common to have the temp sending unit either on the driver side head or on the water runner on the intake manifold - near the thermostat.

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I have the original temp sender in the intake next to the housing, it has 2 wires going to it. One I'm sure is for the idiot light. I want a second source for a factory temp gauge sending unit.

I talked with InLine  and they don't make a thermostat housing with a sender bung. I'll have to order a new one and have a friend of mine drill and put a bung in it. Also on the oil pressure

gauge they were no help at all, just said that those sending units are basically non-exsistant..  Again thanks for your input and I will try to research more and keep looking.


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Perhaps what you may have to do is send your oil pressure gauge off to a rebuilder and have the gauge matched (ohm wise) to a more modern sender.

On my Lemans, the water temperature sensor is in the head, and it is a one-wire sensor going to the water temp gauge on the Rally gauge. So I would start there rather than build a custom thermostat housing.

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