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Gear selector

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Hello! New to the forum, just bought my first Pontiac a couple of months ago.

The car is a 1979 Grand Lemans station wagon 4.9, automatic. (think its a th200)

I bought the car with a bad reverse gear, so i picked up a 1981 parts car for it.

The transmission in the 1981 seemed like it worked fine, however the shiftselector on the transmission doesn't ''click'' when i try to put it in gear, it just kinda slides smoothly up and down. it goes in gear, but it's kinda annoying to not be able to ''lock'' it in gear.

Anyone seen this before? Or have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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Okay I think you may be on the cusp of transmission technology my friend. Your Grand Lemans may have been built with either the TH200/TH200C or the optional TH250C transmission. In 1981, GM introduced the TH200-4R (overdrive). So is the '81 transmission you have a TH200/TH200C/TH250C (which GM still produced until 1987) or is it TH200-4R? This will make a significant difference as to why things shift differently.

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Thanks for your reply Frosty! 

It does not have overdrive so i guess its not the Th200-4r. 

And its not that it shifts differently, it feels like something is not right with the shiftshaft. But as i said im new to Pontiacs.

Its kinda hard to explain, especially since english isnt my native language 😂

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What's your native language? French? Can you describe the problem more properly in your native language and then we can try running Google Translate - if that helps you communicate more effectively?

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I am from norway, and im not sure if the translator works that well 😛

i could try to make a video and upload it to youtube and post the link here. It might be easier to show what is happening.

I will try to do that tomorrow. 

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You can kinda see it here. In the car, which is the trans from the 81. The shifter just slides through the gear.

While its supposed to be "notches" as on the trans i have in the garage, which is the original trans from the car (79)

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