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Grumbling/scraping feeling from brake pedal


I have 2006 Pontiac Torrent AWD with front disc and rear drum brakes. I need help with my ABS & traction control lights come on together (sometime) when I hit brakes slowly to slow down my car around 20-30km/h with a grumbling/scraping feeling sent to my feet from brake pedal (feel like rumble strip on highway). ABS & T/C lights go away if I shut off engine and restart car. It also happens if I accelerate at that speed. This issue does not happen when I hit brake hard. Has anyone experienced this issue?

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Sounds like your pads are gone and your metal to metal.  Probably need to replace rotors when installin new pads.  Welcome to FP

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    • By Pockets
      I discovered that a bad ground wire connection inside a rear turn signal housing plug was causing my lights to do strange things. I replaced the plug and all is well.
    • By jrappl
      I just acquired a 1994 Grand Prix 3.1L with 61K miles on it from a friend.
      It has been off the road for 5-6 years but was being driven on site every month or so until a year ago when the right rear brake line broke, it's been sitting since.  When I got it the master cylinder was empty/dry and of course the brake and ABS lights were on.  I was told the ABS light was not on until the line broke and the fluid leaked out.
      I have replaced both rear lines and bled the hydraulic unit and all 4 wheels.  I have a decent brake pedal, the brakes work and the car stops fine - quick and straight.  The problem is the ABS light is on solid.  I've done some research and this means the system has disabled the ABS.  I think it has latched the error from the low fluid condition and won't re-enable the system until the error code has been cleared.  I've tried to clear it by disconnecting the battery and discharging the system without any luck.  The ABS light never goes off, it is on solid from the time you turn the key on, it does not blink.
      This is a 1994, it has the 12 pin ALDL connector and the under hood label says "OBD1 Certified".  The 12 pin connector only has 3 wires in it, it DOES NOT have the diagnostic pin to display codes on the dash.
      Is there an inexpensive way to read and clear the ABS code or do I need a scan tool?  Is there anyone in the Research Triangle area of NC (Raleigh/Durham) that has a scanner with the correct cartridges for a 1994 gm obd1 ABS system that would be willing to do it?
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