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  1. Scottiedogfla’s 2002 Firebird. This was one of the last few produced at the St Therese Quebec plant before GM shut down 4th Generation F-bodys. Midnight Orange Metallic.
  2. Thanks for posting this! Never heard of this particular model. My brother used to drive a '70 Le Mans (gold): what a great ride!
  3. Great shots!! Loved seeing the original Banshee, too!
  4. Here's something you don't see everyday: it's a circa 1990's Pontiac Matiz from Mexico (not mine). There were a bunch of imported Pontiac branded models outside of the U.S. and Canada including the Firefly, the G2, the Firestorm, among others. Remember these or any others?
  5. '02 Firebird: One of the last 200 produced
  6. I LOVED my '04 GTO and I'm still sorry that I ever let it go (granted that the '05-6 was faster). And yes, the promotions people really didn't do their job to help sell- and neither did many of the dealerships. There were all kinds of ADM (Additional Dealer Markups) placed on the car which certainly didn't help sales. One other thing- those doors were made with really thick gauge steel (I was told) hence it had a great "clunk" when closed. The Monaro/GTO was a great machine!
  7. Congrats! I remember when the '74s came out and was really surprised how different the front end and grill looked from the '73 - but I liked it! You must never get rid of this car! Best, Scotto in FL
  8. My '02 Firebird is actually my 7th Pontiac (after the '64 LeMans, '83 T1000 (shouldn't even count!), '86 Sunbird, '88 FIrebird, '97 Grand Prix, '04 GTO (Man, I wish I still had that one!!) and there's a funny little story behind it. Basically, while we were all battening down the hatches and waiting for Hurricane Irma here in South Florida, I was going through listings on Cars.com for Pontiacs, primarily Firebirds. After several days of imbibing a good quantity of beer and sangria (can't let it go to waste), I picked up the phone and called Quality Buick/GMC (formerly Pontiac/Buick/GMC) in Alton Illinois regarding the sweet '02 they were selling. Everything about the car checked out: 1 owner that made repeat purchases that had gotten a little too old for 2 cars, only 40000 original miles, no accidents. I made a bold offer (including tax-in and shipping to South FL) and they accepted. On October 3rd of this past year, my '02 Bird arrived to sunny South Florida. We dodged the bullet here in Palm Beach County in regards to Irma and I ended up a Pontiac owner again! I call it my "Lucky Hurricane Car!"
  9. Sport Tuning T5 in the original 16" size from TireRack.
  10. Sweet GTO! I still miss my '04. I don't think the automotive press ever gave this car the kudos that it truly deserved. ENJOY!
  11. New wheels/tires are officially here: thanks to APEX AUTO in Wellington, FL for my install and advice.
  12. Thank you: I really wanted to a little off the original for the replacement wheels but the Rev 100's I was considering don't have the proper fit ratio. I hope to find something very soon!
  13. That is a super sweet 2006! I love the hood stripes; the blue is a great color, too. Makes me miss my 2004!!
  14. I LOVE these 1930's coupes: so much style! Good luck with the restore!!
  15. My Sunset Orange Metallic '02 Bird is finally undergoing it's much needed restoration. FIrst order of business: replacing the OEM Wheels which are corroding with some new rims. Kudos to "Mufflers Brakes & More" in West Palm Beach who discovered the corrosion on the inside of the old wheels - and refused to charge me for their fix!
  16. Thanks! I should mention too that my dad had his share of Pontiacs back in the day (although he was definitely more of a Buick guy)- he had a '60 Catalina, a '70 LeMans (which was commandeered by my brother as it had that nice 5.7 L V8), and an '02 G6. At any rate, I've always dug PMV more than any other division; I still have a good number of original brochures from the dealerships. -Scottie
  17. IT is a great pleasure to be a "newbie" on this site as I am a long-time Pontiac enthusiast! My first ownership began back in 1976 when as a High School Senior, I purchased a '64 LeMans from my neighbors. Not a GTO by any means (flat 6, standard brakes), it still started me on my Pontiac journey- which included: 1984 T-1000, 1986 Sunbird, 1988 Firebird (V6), 1996 Grand Prix GT, 2004 GTO (my buddy Mike and I were early adopters of the Monaro/GTO and Pontiac Performance Magazine actually did a photo story on us called "Blood Brothers" as we lived several houses apart), current ride: 2002 Firebird. Sunset Orange Metallic. Apparently, it was one of the last couple of hundred produced and I thoroughly enjoy it! Although I drive a german performance sedan during the work week, I intend to keep my 'Bird for a long long long time! I never had a car with T-tops before this one and I love opening it up and cruising alongside the beach on FL A-1-A, going to the local "Cars & Coffee" once a month.
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