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  1. BIGfoot455

    New Guy, Old Car!

    test fitting the fender
  2. BIGfoot455

    New Guy, Old Car!

    Frosty, it has definitely been a learning experience! while fixing the section in front of the wheel well, I discovered the rocker had been welded to the door pillar in the wrong position. I knew the rocker was crashed, but damn! I never would have thought somebody would just weld it where it ended up. 1 inch too high and 1/2" too far in. The new metal tab on the bottom is where the rocker should be!
  3. BIGfoot455

    New Guy, Old Car!

    rust out behind the rear bumper is fixed! replaced someone's bondo and window screen job with steel. Unfortunately, they never closed the underside so the interior panel was screwed as well.
  4. BIGfoot455

    Backup switch mounting

    If I remember right, they are #8 sheetmetal screws.
  5. BIGfoot455

    New Guy, Old Car!

    A little more done. Hood, windshield and divider
  6. BIGfoot455

    64 grand prix project

    Ames sell big car stuff!
  7. BIGfoot455


    Not using a Chevy water pump pulley are you? That will give you the difference you mention. If you had the A/C pulley and spacer on the crank, and didn't put it back on, that will give 1/4" the other way.
  8. BIGfoot455

    New Guy, Old Car!

    finished the gas tank install!
  9. BIGfoot455

    New Guy, Old Car!

    Nason 1 shot enamel. I use Rustoleum oil based enamel until I find the exact color I want, then have a local paint shop mix it up in Nason. The grille and firewall are rustoleum, fenders are Nason and I will use Nason for the rest when that time comes. The black inside the fenders and on the fuel tank braces is just the "farm" version of Rustoleum, very heavy, chemical and chip resistant.
  10. BIGfoot455

    New Guy, Old Car!

    Thanks, Hawaii Bob! Frosty, it is Regal Red.
  11. BIGfoot455

    New Guy, Old Car!

    The bumper guards and crank hole cover really give it that OLD look!
  12. BIGfoot455

    New Guy, Old Car!

    Got the front end looking like a car again! still blasting the hoods, they used really good paint back then!
  13. BIGfoot455

    New Guy, Old Car!

    Located the gas tank and built the straps. Always hate a vehicle with the gas filler on the passenger side, so switching that to the driver side while I'm at it. Now that I have the tank mocked up, I can blast the area and build the floor pan.
  14. BIGfoot455

    New Guy, Old Car!

    sand blasted the faces and the base plate. the plate needed some putty work for all the pits. filler primer then a rattle can of gloss white. The rustoleum paint and primer stuff is a little heavier and sticks really well. After it cured, put the decals on and let them cure. then clear coated everything with a single heavy coat to fill in along the edges of the decals.
  15. BIGfoot455

    New Guy, Old Car!

    Thank You, sir! I learned a few things, but it turned out pretty good anyways!
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