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  1. i believe since the last time i logged in my wife and i said our son and we got a new minivan for our family, but i did stay true to my Pontiac roots, 2002 Montana GT? as it states on the ownership? it's good to be back in the saddle. my 2000 Grand Am GT is still kickin! just got over 107,000 kms not bad for a 11 year old car! after looking this probably should have been put in a different place!
  2. so seeing that my family has expanded to one new member on December 23, i felt it was only right to buy a minivan, i always thought i would be the last one in the world to by a minivan but within the next couple weeks i will be the proud owner of a 2002 Pontiac Montana, 160,000 KMs, leather interior, backup sensors, all the fixins will post pics once i get the van in my driveway!
  3. i was thinking of doing the same with my GAGT, but then i thought maybe if i find a G6 in the scrap yard i might take those out of it and make them fit my Grand Am
  4. I haven`t posted any pics of it yet so here it goes, and a little history on it too I got the car in January of this year, first day of ownership, bought it certified and etested, 92,000 kms my wifes old taurus in the background, she is now a proud owner of a 98 Grand Am SE oh! and my little Pontiac collectable collection, if my camera was working i would be able to show you what else i have instead i am just going to tell you. I have 2 antique Pontiac hubcaps, one from the 30`s and other from 40`s, and this past monday i got a Pontiac baseball cap, if you want to know what else i have in my collection just ask
  5. My mom had a 97 GPSE with the 3800 and `basketweaver` wheels on it, man she hated selling that thing, now she`s driving a 2005 Malibu, which she doesn`t like as much as the GP, she looks at my GAGT all the time and wishes she still had the GP in her driveway
  6. is that an SC/T? or just the kit...either way...pretty nice!!! sorry didn't realize what you wrote! conversion!!! damn.....either way!
  7. yeah there is moisture getting in there, i have owned the car for only 2 months now, 2000 GAGT 93,000 kms, pretty good if you ask me.
  8. I am from Kingston, Ontario this is my second Grand Am my first was a 1998 Grand Am SE no mods as of yet, been thinking of what i can do and afford! my first this is getting new headlights, the passenger side is has a nasty haze to it.
  9. hey there, i own a 2000 Grand Am GT, and would like to say hi to all my fellow Pontiac owners!
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