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Hello all

My car was laid up for a couple of months. I just got it back today after having a head gasket t-chain etc etc on the way home I found that as well as the radio not working I have no signal lights 4 way flashers or brake lights! head lights and park/tail lights work fine as well as the horn heater and whatever else I could think to turn on.... visually checked the fuses "looked" ok the sigs flashers and all 3 brake lights what would they have in common that could be the problem?

Update--- battery is now dead from having the door open while I checked fuses... 4 or 5 mins

thanks in advance!! :)

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yes it does but fuses check ok and there is nothing I can see or think of that is disconnected... I did find a bad ground (battery box to motor) that I fixed this am... radio now works no display yet tho... and still no siga 4 ways or brake lights all other lights markers work.... fog lights don't work either.....

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Check the leads around the starter. The work that they had done on the car they could have pinched one of the leads going into the dash. This happened on my wife's old Cavalier and is almost exactly as you described. It was $2.00 in parts and 4 hours of work to find it.

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just changed out the sig/light switch no change .... what other points in common do the sigs 4ways and brake lights share? the car runs fine no check or service lights on so im guessing the pcm and bcm aren't involved....

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Resolved.... sort of:)

Somewhere between the underhood and ip fuse blocks there is a bad connection.... I cut open a fuse and soldered a piece of wire to it and used it as a spade connector running from the IP Stop/Hzd direct to the battery and poof I have stop (all 3) and sigs again! so either a corroded underhood or IP block or broken wire! now if my radio would only light up:)

later and thanks for your replies

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