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Help: Delco Air A/C Compressor

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Does anybody know where I can find parts or a replacement for a Delco Air A/C compressor?

The one I have I believe has a bad bearing and the electromagnetic clamp doesn't seem to work. (could just be a wiring issue though)


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Go to your local A/C repair shop and talk to them. Delco air conditioners have been around a long time and there are a whole bunch of remanufactuers out there. The shop should have the skill and expertise to:

1. Properly and safely evacuate your system of refrigerant (assuming there is any left)

2. Diagnose the problem and figure out what needs replacing

3. Order the proper parts (just don't expect it to be cheap - especially if you need a new pump and dryer assemblies)

4. Re-lubricate and re-charge the system

You might also want to take the time to convert the system from R-14 to R-124.

So talk to your local shop and see what they want to charge. A working AC system is a fine thing, especially this summer !!!! Also, if you think the cost of repair is too much, then consider this: a non-working AC system will decrease the value of the car if/when you go to seelit.

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I just need to figure out what is wrong with it. My friends father said he would repair and recharge it for me. Hes worked on these cars all his life.

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No doubt but it isn't rocket science either. You just need a good A/C expert. It isn't cheap either. Nothing is better than working A/C on a long drive.

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No doubt but it isn't rocket science either.

Ya especially on older cars, the stuff is easier to get to. The hoses and whatnot are not all crammed together like they are in new cars.

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