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Hello everyone, I am new, and tend to have a hard time navigating through the internet. So please bare with me.  Like a lot of people my age,  I fell in love with the Trans Am, on the movies, Smoky and the Bandit.  I am the second owner of a 2001 Trans Am. it was a daily driver from 2004 till 2011.  It was freed up beat up pretty bad, but it was a project car for me and my 2 sons.

We mainly worked on the motor, air intake, exhaust, fuel delivery, and professional running.  In 2016 The project car got put on hold, along with my marriage.  

Here is to new beginnings for hotrods and relationships.  I have a new relationship with a girl that loves hot rods! 






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This year we've added bigger brakes, and a lot of body work. My plan was to upgrade the transmission and rear end next, but then I found the Bandit run, they have it every year in June.  So if I plan to do that the interior is next, so that my girl can ride in Comfort.

With the cam, lifters, air intake, and the exhaust system.  Jaime, the wizard, has this baby cranking out 400-plus horsepower to the rear wheel. Which was entirely too much for the stock Wimpy Tires and wheels.  So we upgraded to CTSV 19 -305 in the front and 325 in the rear! Running Z rated Goodyear's. It sticks now!!!

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Awesome Ban One. Tells us more and give us more pictures - of girls and hot rods! LOL!

I am very familiar with the Bandit Run. It's on my bucket list when I retire in a few years. I am the original and sole owner of a black and gold '86 Trans Am. Smokey and the Bandit had everything to do with me buying that car. Obviously "Ban One" is what was on the Georgia license plate Bandit had on his Trans Am. I have a copy of it at home.

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Dating a girl who likes cars, that's a dangerous combination for your wallet but a fun one for your heart. :driving:

Ditto on the Bandit run, @Frosty. That would be a great time!

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Yep the first Bandit Run started out by re-creating the movies run from Texarkana TX to Atlanta. One year they did Atlanta to Boston (for the clam chowder of course). They have gone all over since.



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