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461stroker vs 408 ls stroker

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A 408-stroker is essentially a 350 SBC bored and stroked out to 408 cubic inches. A crate motor in this configuration can produce around 500 HP and 500 lb/ft of torque. A SBC has a plethora of part available to it. The con is this is a 60+ year old engine design. Reliable and well tested. A carberated SBC does not require any special fueling or electrical harness. The SBC will probably be the cheapest engine of the two. It is also easier to dress up and make look pretty over an LS motor with it's coil packs over the valve covers.

A 461-stroker LS-based engine, probably starting with an LSX block is based on modern LS technology. The LS motor will make as much or more power as the SBC based engine. The aftermarket embraces this engine as much the SBC.  The con is If you run this combination very hard for a long period of time (say 15-20K miles) then the long stroke and short piston skirt will put a lot of pressure on the piston rings and may lead to premature wear.  The major upside of this motor is the cathedral ports of the LS heads. It allows for much more serious porting and CNC profiles and more radical hydraulic roller cam profiles than you could ever achieve with the SBC. Building and buying a crate LS will be a tad more expensive than a SBC and it requires a computer and a special harness.

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I can't tell if you are discussing pontiac engines or chevy engines. Regardless cubic inches matter. More is always better unless you are competing for mpg. A 455 will make more power and torque everywhere over a 400 cu in moter in a street car with similar equipment. And it will do better with a larger cam as far as idle and build power at a lower rpm, great for street cars. If you can buy an aftermarket block, stretch it to 600 cu in.  It will trounce the 455 engine.  Pontiac went from 326 to 389 to 400 to 455 for a reason. Torque.

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