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I need some guidens her. My engine is overheating some times and i need som tips regarding to this issue. My engine is a stroked `75 400. Its an older timing cover whit a 8 bolt waterpump. Whats the best way to upgrade this waterpump. I need a high flow waterpump. If you got any tips or link to a good bolt on water  pump, post it here 🙂

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1st you need to get rid of the 8 bolt water pump by changing the timing cover to the newer style. Then you will start to cure your problem. Check your timing, to advanced will cause it to overheat. You need to let us see your engine & what you have for fan, rad. as that will make a difference .  You say it's stroked,, to what ??? Are you using water or anti-freeze & water. What temp T-stat do you have in the engine? We need a lot more info to help you. 

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Thanx for reply. I did like you Said. I bought a 11 bolt waterpump set from butler performence, and will instal this very soon now. This, im sure, will fix my problem 🙂

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doubt it fixed it. My flow cooler water pump made mine run hotter. My guess is a leak or you need a radiator.

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