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Will a .60 over pontiac 455 with 10.5:1 compression take a 75-100 shot of nitrous

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So i have a fresh built pontiac 455 

Forged piston .60 over 10.5:1 comp

Forged rods

Wenzler alum heads

Pontiac is new 2 me just wondering if a .60 over 455 block will take 75-100 shot


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Depends on how the engine was built. You seem to have good parts but if the bearings aren't clearanced & rings the same just right it will last but not very long.  10.5 with the heads is a bit high for a big shot unless your racing it only. Keep your timing down low & don't take it to much over 6000 rpm's as Pontiac makes power down low not at the top like a chevy. If you over rev it it will be gone in no time.  Plus you didn't say what cam your using, what pistons, & which rods. Just because there forged doesn't make them all that strong. If the forged pistons are to heavy???? Was the engine balanced & line bored ? If all you did was put in new parts that to will make it go away very soon. Also did a Pontiac person build the engine or was it like most built by a chevy person & that in itself spells trouble. Oil pump,?? There are a lot of little things that need to be done to a Pontiac engine that a chevy builder will over look & cause you all kinds of trouble.

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needed more info
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of course it will, if the engine was assembled properly. I regularly ran a 200 kit on a 400 with stock rods and crank. Don't run it lean, meaning you better design and ensure an adequate fuel supply or it will melt your pistons like butter in a volcano.

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