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  1. Just kinda scanned over the last few pages of this thread and thought i would throw my 2 cents in just for a little bit of info on flat black i dont know if you are aware but im the one that painted crimsons rims on his goat and they are pretty much flat black. the thought that it will cost less for flat black paint is a myth. you basically have 3 options... rattlecan - cheap but i wld highly suggest not doing this. your overlap will suck because rattlecans dont have a fan pattern ( and the little attechments for rattlecans that say they give it a fan pattern and have a little trigge
  2. Beautiful car man! love that gen of goat. i just finished painting my 64 bonneville last night and im now on the 30-40 hours of wet sanding and buffing lol. she will be a beauty when shes done and im likin the pinstriping very unique! cant wait to see more pics!
  3. these things are a PITA i bought a civic that had them in it and i didnt like them so i took them out. i had to drop the headliner, tear apart the dash and glove box, pull the radio, even had to pull the center console because they were professionally installed and in illinois its illegal to have them on without the parking brake set so it was tied into the e brake as well. for all the work i wouldnt bother imo
  4. lol alright. shouldnt be much longer now. my clear is special ordered and wont be here til friday prolly so the car will probably be painted not this monday but next im pumped
  5. thanks man me too! im very please with the color combo. they do contrast each other alot. but im thinking the contrast can be neutralized a little with a nice silver metallic pinstripe to set off the colors
  6. annnnddddddd.....metalflake over the base!! the picture doesnt show the color that well but its insane and i love it!. in the sunlight the flake pops like crazy and doesnt wash out the pearl in the color! this is the finalized color for the blue. i didnt want to mess with metalflake in the jambs it would have been a PITA but the blue will be this color
  7. excuse me while i jizz in my pants. this goat is orgasmic
  8. ok decision is final and paint is being ordered for the jams in just a few mins. top color is 96 viper blue pearl metallic bottom color is BMW alpine white here is a similar paint scheme the top is viper blue pearl met dunno what the bottom is exactly
  9. so far im leanin towards dark blue pearl metal flake or black metal flake with alpine white bottom
  10. here are the color chips i took pics of i do like that color but i dont think it would look very good on my car lol
  11. Shitty picture but heres black metal flake. the flake im ordering is .004 millimeters in diameter so it will be a little smaller flake but you get the idea. god theres so many variances in flake lol
  12. im ordering the flake this weekend and i will be doing a sprayout panel. also i took some snapshots out of our metallic chip booke of the blues and the green i like i will put them up in a bit
  13. the black will be VERY close to this but with larger flake. mine wont be metallic it will be actual metal flake mixed into the clear
  14. that blue is the original color of my car but my car will be highly modified when done. im thinking black with black metal flake, maybe with some blue pearl? on the bottom and BMW alpine white on the bottom
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